Wild Workout Weight Loss

Hi there friends.
Whew, I have been contemplating writing a post like this for some time.  And to be honest, I am a bit nervous to say what I want to say.  And I hope it comes across in the way I want it to also!
A few weeks ago I wrote about an unfortunate experience I had with a doctor.  That experience along with many others over the past few years especially have made this topic more challenging for me to talk about.
Weight loss.  It is not an uncommon topic in the world, especially with healthy living bloggers.  I have read SO many inspiring stories about people finding a way to make changes in their life to lead to a healthier and happier self.  I have even shared inspirational stories here from real life friends and friends I have made on social media!

When I read stories or I am around others who have worked really hard and reached their goals, I am SO stinking proud of them and SO happy that they have made positive changes in their lives!
For years I would stare at myself in the mirror after dedicating myself to healthy eating and working out and wonder why my positive changes have not produced the same kind of results.  Doesn’t really seem fair does it?

Over the past few years I have been slowly learning to come to terms with my body and how for me it is not just going to be a formula of less intake and more energy out. I tortured myself for SO many years and no matter what I did, it never seemed to make much of a difference.  The only times I really lost any weight was done in SUPER unhealthy ways (I won’t even mention those ways because they were just painful).  When I went to treatment 8 years ago, I actually began to heal my relationship with food and my body.  It has been a LONG road, and I am still working on it, but I have come a LONG way!

{8 years ago when I was in a decent place before my thyroid went all whack on me}

I no longer look in the mirror and hate everything about myself.  There are things I actually like!  I have decided my goal is no longer to simply lose weight, but my goal is to fully love myself and have peace with my body, no matter where I am on my journey!
Yes, I am still making healthy eating choices, and I am still  that challenge my body to work hard and motivate change.

{Work in progress over the past 10 months}

I am also working with myself to heal my thyroid in a more natural way (and find a doctor who will actually work WITH me, not just throw meds at me).  For me, all the different medications I have tried didn’t improve anything, and actually caused MORE frustrations!  It is not an EASY process by any means, but I am 1000000% determined to do what I can for me!  That includes getting more sleep, continuing to drink more water, stay active, work on reducing the stress in my life (including removing certain relationships as needed), and continuing to feed myself whole, fresh foods!

I may not be where I want to be, but my new approach seems to be doing some good!
It is NOT about the numbers, but over the last 6 weeks I have been able to shrug off 26 lbs and 11 inches.  I will gently use numbers as a tool and guide that I am doing things that are beneficial for me!

To love me for me is my #1 goal!


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May you be filled with Joy and Health!

Augusta Weekend

Hello wonderful friends!

Happy Monday! I am back in TX after a delightful weekend away visiting my BFF since college days and celebrating a wedding of another friend. 
Last week was a super packed week including lots of cooking, dealing with a pulled muscle in my neck, a few sad attempts at a workout, packing for my trip, a special fall story time at school, picture days, and a few other events packed into 4 days!

I headed out to Augusta on Thursday night right after I finished work for the day.  I had the last flight out, so it was perfect timing with leaving work, heading home for a quick change of clothes, grabbing my luggage and the Hubs.  We headed to the airport and were there just a few min later.  Our new home is so much closer to the airport, which is AWESOME!
When I checked in for my flight there was a delay which would cause me to miss my connection.  The airline then bumped me to an earlier flight which had also been delayed but I would still make.  I flew through security and I was to my gate in no time. The first flight was pretty uneventful.  When I arrived in Atlanta I had about 30 min to get to my next gate.  As soon as I hustled over to my gate I heard the gate attendant make an announcement that our flight was going to be delayed.  It was supposed to leave at 10:30 but was delayed till 12:16 due to MIA pilots.  They had been scheduled to land at 8pm, but had not shown up, and this gate agent had not received word as to where they were.  Long story short, we boarded the flight at 12:30 and finally took off about 1:25am!
Needless to say it was a long night.  I arrived in Augusta right around 2, saw my friends and got my bag.  We drove to her place and I finally was able to get some real sleep around 3am.
The rest of the weekend was full of seeing old friends, eating delicious food, celebrating happy relationships, seeing a beautiful friend marry her love (sadly no pics), nature walks, brunch, meeting new friends and a fun swimming adventure!
I will let the pictures do the talking!

I loved walking around the ponds! We even saw an alligator!

Arrived home late last night and am ready to take on this week!  Thankfully the weather is MUCH cooler this week with lower humidity!  I can’t wait to see what adventures unfold this week!

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May you be filled with joy and health!


Lemon Infused Garlic Salmon via Pinterest Interest 

Happy Friday friends!
Greetings from Georgia!
I was stuck in the ATL airport last night for a few hours due to delayed flight because our pilots were MIA for a bit.  Thankfully they arrived and we were only delayed 2.5 hours!
In all that spare time I did something with the blog I have been wanting to do for AGES!
I am all official now as chocolaterunnergirl.COM!  A BIG thank you to everyone who has been supporting me this month as I decided to take the plunge!

Whew, these fall weeks are FLYING by! I can’t believe November is just 11 days away! I’m really excited for the holidays this year, but really, can time please slow down a tad bit?
Last Sunday I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and it has made this super packed week a bit more interesting. I wasn’t really able to workout, sleep was terrible due to the pain and also just not being able to get comfy. Needless to say, I am hoping to get lots of rest in between the fun on this little weekend away.
I was able to still cook and bake, so I worked on some new recipes this week (coming to the blog soon) and perfected a recipe I found via Pinterest! I have been making it about every other week for my nanny family, and it seems to get better each time!

Lots of good things to be said about combining lemon, garlic, grass-fed butter, spices with a kick and salmon! Add a side of roasted veggies and you have a simple, quick and delish dinner! A winner in my book!

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Lemon Infused Garlic Salmon


  • 1.5 lbs of fresh wild caught salmon
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 2-3 TBS fresh lemon juice
  • 2-3 TBS chilled grass-fed butter
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes



  1. Pre-heat oven to 375ºF and make sure oven rack is in the middle of the oven.
  2. Line baking sheet with enough foil to cover the bottom of the pan and including extra to cover the salmon while it cooks.
  3. In a small frying pan add the garlic and lemon juice.
  4. Over medium heat, cook until the lemon juice is infused into the garlic with a small amount of juice remaining. Remove from the heat
  5. Add in 1 TBS of the butter and allow it to melt.  Return to low heat if needed.  Follow same steps for remaining butter.  Use 3 TBS butter if your salmon is on the thicker side.
  6. Place the fresh salmon on the foil lined pan, skin side down.
  7. Brush the sauce over the salmon, equally covering the entire filet.
  8. In a small bowl mix together the dry spices. Sprinkle the spices equally over the filet.
  9. Cover the salmon with the extra foil and ensure the filet is sealed in so nothing leaks out.
  10. Bake for 12-14 min or until the salmon is flaky.
  11. The original directions included broiling the fish for 1-3 min after it bakes. I have done this a few times, and I also have let the fish marinate for a few hours.  Feel free to play around with those options🙂


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May you be filled with joy and health!


Tuesday Tip

Hi friends!  Whew, made it through Monday!  It was a busy day, but a great day!
I am coming to you with a little something I have been thinking about doing for a while, a Tuesday tip.
I am asked frequently about things I do that help me live a healthy lifestyle and a lot about living healthy on a budget.   I can’t promise I will be posting my tips every Tuesday, but I am sure going to do my best!
If you have any questions about healthy living that you would like me to cover, PLEASE let me know! Even though I don’t have any specific certifications yet, I do love to share with others {YOU} simple things that can help them live a healthy life!


Several years ago I needed to get several spices at one time, but I really didn’t need a ton of each of them.  As I walked around the store I came upon a section that had spices in bulk.  I was able to measure and get exactly what I needed for a fraction of the cost of the spices sold in containers.
I was amazed, and I have been using this method ever since.  I still can not get over how much cheaper buying spices this way is!  All that rosemary was only $0.39!  That would have been $3+ in the normal spice aisle!

I use these spices to refill the jars on my spice rack.

I even got more blank spice jars to fill with spices that didn’t come with my rack.

I highly recommend this method!  It will save you money and you will always have fresh spices on hand!  Can’t get much better than that🙂

May you be filled with joy and health!

Mid October Check

Hello friends!
A new week is upon us!  I am so excited for this week! It is going to be a busy week, but a good one.  In a few days I will be heading out of town for a much needed weekend away.
Until then I will be doing what I do here🙂
Last week started off with a flat tire! Thankfully it was a pretty simple fix thanks to our Costco tires that are still under warranty!

My workouts have been all over the place lately, and 1 of our trio was on a trip, so it was GREAT to be back together working out in the evenings!
img_6101The hubs and I got in a little date night and met some friends for dinner!  So good!  Let me just say the pumpkin cheesecake we split def had me itching to make my own version!  Hope I will get that all worked out soon!

On Saturday I had some free time (a little shocking, I know), and finally tackled a painting project I have been itching to do since July!  Our master bedroom as a drop ceiling.  Soon after we moved into the house I painted it, and HATED it.  I was looking for a slightly darker gray than our wall color, but it was a lot darker than I wanted, and I messed up a few times and it was driving me a little batty each time I looked at it.  If you saw this insta post a few weeks ago you saw the new color I painted our cabinets.  As I was thinking about what I was going to do for our ceiling I had the inspiration to paint it the same color as the bathroom!  And let me tell you how much I LOVE it!  It makes the room come together so well with our dark teal bedding and the other teal accents in the room!  The pics really don’t do justice (so local friends, you are welcome to come over and see it soon!)


Saturday night I was blessed to attend a pumpkin party hosted by dear friends! I was able to catch up with dear friends I have not seen in some time.  It was so wonderful to reconnect and just be.  And I painted a cute little pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest!  It was a blast and there was some amazing talent in the different categories!
It was so much fun I didn’t realize what time it was and before I knew it, it was almost 1am!


Sunday we were blessed to have dear friends who are more like family over for lunch! It was a wonderful time of fellowship and scrumptious food!  They all got to test taste my new recipe and it was a hit!


Overall, it was a much better week than last week!

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Here is to an AMAZING week to come!

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May you be filled with joy and health!



Choctober Fest Roundup

Hello friends and happy Friday!  Whew, it has been a bit of a crazy week again.  As I worked on staying on top of my October goals (some are great and some still need work) and am working through the emotions of grief from last week, this week really flew by.  Add in 2 flat tire issues on 2 different cars, a few nights with sleep issues, and I was struggling to get some new recipe ideas put together.  I did make a few things I really enjoyed, but I am still tweaking the recipes for them.  When they are ready, you know I will be sharing them with you all!

So thankfully I have the BEST blogging buddies and I turned to them for help!  I can not WAIT to share all they have for you today!  I think I was dreaming about some of these recipes the past few nights!

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When it comes to blogging about food I have met the most amazing people! I am constantly in awe of their creativity, gorgeous food pictures, energy and love for health!  I have a few amazing recipes to share with you all today!  Please take a few min to go give some of these ladies some LOVE!  And seriously, make ALL the chocolate!

Choctober Fest Roundup

Don’t these Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownies sound fantastic?
juliedark-chocolate-avocado-browniesAnd these you can’t go wrong with these Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Protein Brownies!
Too many brownies? Not with these Paleo Dark Chocolate Fudge Zucchini Brownies!
Wash those delicious brownies down with this Chocolate Green Smoothie.
farrahchocolategreensmoothieHow about this Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie?
If you are more of a cookie person, check out these Chocolate Tamarind Cookie Dough Bites!
If you like some fruit with your chocolate, look at this splendid Chocolate Strawberry Tart.
annedsc_0034-copy-1Are muffins your jam?  Take a look at these fabulous Triple Chocolate Chunk Protein Muffins!
suzychocolate-skoop-muffins-suzlyfe-closeLet’s not forget we can always begin our day with a little chocolate with some Brownie Batter Overnight Oats!
Or this delightful Chocolate Pumpkin Scone!
End the day with a Chocolate Pumpkin Truffle!

Chocolate from morning till night!  Something I approve of as Chocolate Runner Girl!!!

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May you be filled with joy and health!

October is rolling…

Hello friends! Whew, it has been a crazy 10 days of ups, downs and just working on keeping myself on track with life.
I have been really trying to focus on my October goals and so far they have been hit and miss!  I am a little disappointed about a few of them, but am realizing I am still making progress in several other areas.
One goal that I have been doing pretty well with has to do with being more intentional with my friendships/relationships.  Just last weekend I was getting to write one of my dear aunts a letter, and I got word she passed away right after her birthday.  Really saddened but also really thankful for the wonderful words of wisdom she left me with and for all the memories.
I was really looking forward to getting back into running, and then I injured myself.  I was carrying a large piece of wood and dropped it on my leg!  OUCH!  I didn’t look too bad at first, but even with ice, essential oils and resting it, the bruise turned out pretty ugly looking.  I am thankful I am still able to do some of my workouts, and I got to run for about 2 min last night with minimal pain.  So here is to hoping the rest of the month is better with getting back to running!

Last week my nanny family had to put their pup to sleep.  Gosh it was really hard.  He was a real member of the family and so so sweet.  I am really going to miss him. 😦
As a distraction I took the kids to see the dino bones at the museum!  It was AWESOME!

And on the dino theme, I made my friend a pinterest worthy dino art for her husband’s birthday! img_5914

The other night I went with my small group girls to see With Joey With Love! Talk about a sweet movie that just made me BAWL! I am sure I cried more than normal after a super emotional week.  Heck, I cry at Foldgers commercials, so I am not surprised I did a lot of crying!
This weekend I received a FAB package that is gonna help me rock 2017!  I LOVE my EC planner!  It has pics of so many people special to me (I wish I could have included even more pics!!), and the stickers to decorate it made me feel creative! (I have 1 20% off code if anyone is interested!

I got some other lovely mail from Young Living- a few of my fav things to use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I spent a majority of the weekend cooking and cleaning!  I absolutely LOVE that in our new home I can open the windows and let in the fresh air while I am cleaning!  It makes the house seem so much more fresh!

Sat night we had a much needed date night!
I made my first batch of overnight oats (I don’t know what took me so long), and I LOVED them!  Haha!  Now just to remember to get them ready before I am about to fall asleep at night!

Here is to a less stressful week!

How has your October started out?

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May you be filled with health and JOY!