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Fantastic Friday!!

Well it is finally Friday! Yahoo 🙂

I really love my job and working out daily, but there are some times when a Friday night at home is just wonderful! Today is one of those rare days when I actually get a few hours at home.  This week was even more rare as I had a free night but my husband had an event.  So here I am, getting a chance to sit a put my feet up.  It is perfect timing as I have my first 10k of the year tomorrow.  I was going to walk with a friend from the gym, but she had to back out last minute, so I am going to try and run some of it tomorrow!

Onto the BEST part of my week! Chocolate!!! As “The Chocolate Runner” I will be sharing some yummy and fun chocolate items that I have from week to week! This week hubs and I had date night on Monday 🙂 After dinner, I was really wanting some fro-yo, and so we headed over to Red Mango. When I get fro-yo I usually get a combo of chocolate and sometimes peanut butter or cheesecake.  I personally don’t usually get toppings.  I would rather have as much fro-yo as possible without going too crazy.  This time there was a new flavor to try, spicy Aztec chocolate. I tried a small sample and I really liked it, so I added it to the middle of my cup!

What chocolate did YOU have this week??

And the winners of my first giveaway!!!
Congrats Bethany and Lisa 🙂

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~Chocolate Runner~

Sometimes our motivation can come from an unexpected place!

Hello there friends! It is Wednesday! Yay! I am officially signed up for my first 10k of the year.  I am participating with a friend from the gym, and she is more of a walker.  That being said, I am not doing this for anything but a fun workout 🙂
Even though I am not running on Saturday, I really wanted to get in a run today.  I have only ran twice since my duathlon last weekend.  The weather was pretty cold (for April in Texas), and rainy on and off so I did not make it out this morning with the kiddos I nanny for.  After we all had a nice nap I did manage to get in 2 miles.  So it was better than nothing.
The little twins are a great motivation for me.  Many days I am really sore or tired from previous workouts and I don’t always want to go for a walk/run with them, but they are very persistent in wanting to go see the “DA” (ducks), and so 4-5 days of the week we get in at least one walk to see the ducks.  That is all it really takes for me.  Once we are outside I usually muster up the strength and go for a few miles.  It as been nice to finally get back into a little more consistent ‘running’ considering the last 2 years with injuries and random health issues.  My basic point is that even the youngest people in my life help keep me motivated to run!!!

Here is another motivating story from a fellow runner Birgit, and how her precious son help get her motivated to run!

“4 years ago, my youngest was born with bilateral clubfeet, severe case. I wasn’t much interested in getting fit, running, etc..I felt content where I was. When your child is born with a special need re-evaluate EVERY aspect of life as you know it..

William has had either casting or some sort of night time bracing , physical therapy and day time bracing since he was 4 days old. He can walk with the assistance of his AFO’s and at some point, should be walking without orthotics. We stretch several times a day, and cry together each time he gets so tired off “putting on the boots to sleep in”..even though that happens rarely. He is simply one of the most patient and brave little souls out there..and I wish I could stay as positive as he does so easily!

Four years later, one of the thoughts I come back to as an answer to why I started running is ” because I CAN “..William is far from being ” normal”.. But he can walk and run as well – In fact, talk about timing..we will be “running” our first 1 mile Fun Run this coming Saturday.

Running has become as much part of my life as bracing has become part of Williams..It helps me keep life in perspective. This past January, I finished my first Half Marathon in Baton Rouge, LA. I run together with a great group of ladies, and they are as much part of my life, dear friends.

Why wouldn’t we run, given the ability!”


This smile would get me going everyday!William1 Birgit

Thank you for sharing your story Birgit and precious pictures of William!!
Best wishes in your upcoming race with William 🙂

Who keeps YOU motivated to workout?

~Chocolate Runner~


Motivation Monday!

To start off each week I am going to start sharing stories that bring motivation and inspiration.  As I am still in the stages of gathering them from friends, families and other Chocolate Runners, I will share a little of my current inspiration.

As I work on my own personal fitness and weight loss goals, I like to keep little pictures and quotes on my mirror at home and on my phone.  They give me encouragement that this journey is a PROCESS, and I am not going to reach my goals overnight.  I hope these help you today as well 🙂
Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…so here are my 8,000 words!









Launch day!

I have been debating this week when I was actually going to launch the blog.  After all that has gone on this week in the running world with the Boston marathon bombing I didn’t want to make a huge deal about the new blog.  Now that things have settled down a bit, I am posting now 🙂

I have been writing on blogs for many years now and have had the idea for this blog for a while.  I have written about my struggles with an eating disorder before I went to treatment, and some of the struggles I have had since treatment.  I met some amazing ladies through that process, and I am so very thankful for the wonderful support and encouragement over the years. 
I then did a blog about school, and other random thoughts about my academic life.  I have shared a blog with my sister, but it was hard to really keep up with it as both of us were so busy with various things in life, so it turned into some more random ramblings about my life. 
I have really wanted to have a blog that focuses on my running, fitness, healthy eating, and weight loss journey.  I am not certified or am professional in any areas regarding any of these areas, so much of what I post will be about my experiences, and what works for ME!  There are no cookie cutter plans or rules that are the exact same for everyone. Basic ideas and information I share can become applicable to anyone’s life, but it may not be for everyone!  I welcome questions and comments as long as they are not negative or degrading. 
My goal is to have special days each week where I post certain information.  I am still ironing out what day will be what, but I know I will do a day about fitness (workouts, goals and races), healthy eating (the different foods I am eating, new recipes I have tried and I am sure lots of pictures!), and to go along with my name, CHOCOLATE!  I am a huge fan of chocolate and I will be sharing some of the yummy treats I find along the way!  I am a firm believer in finding treats along the way, having fun, and mixing it up! 
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