Daily Archives: April 21, 2013

Launch day!

I have been debating this week when I was actually going to launch the blog.  After all that has gone on this week in the running world with the Boston marathon bombing I didn’t want to make a huge deal about the new blog.  Now that things have settled down a bit, I am posting now 🙂

I have been writing on blogs for many years now and have had the idea for this blog for a while.  I have written about my struggles with an eating disorder before I went to treatment, and some of the struggles I have had since treatment.  I met some amazing ladies through that process, and I am so very thankful for the wonderful support and encouragement over the years. 
I then did a blog about school, and other random thoughts about my academic life.  I have shared a blog with my sister, but it was hard to really keep up with it as both of us were so busy with various things in life, so it turned into some more random ramblings about my life. 
I have really wanted to have a blog that focuses on my running, fitness, healthy eating, and weight loss journey.  I am not certified or am professional in any areas regarding any of these areas, so much of what I post will be about my experiences, and what works for ME!  There are no cookie cutter plans or rules that are the exact same for everyone. Basic ideas and information I share can become applicable to anyone’s life, but it may not be for everyone!  I welcome questions and comments as long as they are not negative or degrading. 
My goal is to have special days each week where I post certain information.  I am still ironing out what day will be what, but I know I will do a day about fitness (workouts, goals and races), healthy eating (the different foods I am eating, new recipes I have tried and I am sure lots of pictures!), and to go along with my name, CHOCOLATE!  I am a huge fan of chocolate and I will be sharing some of the yummy treats I find along the way!  I am a firm believer in finding treats along the way, having fun, and mixing it up! 
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