I am back!

After a super busy summer, I am back…and I really hope to be posting more regularly!

I did something I NEVER though I would do…for the first time…ever! A push-up! And not the kind you might do on your toes, but a ‘REAL’ push-up. Let me rewind a few years…

When I was in jr high/high school as a strong 4 sport athlete I never was confident that I could do a real push-up, and so I never did. In 1998 when I was in my sophomore year of high school I lost my ability to do a push-up in any way. I began to have terrible pain in my right shoulder and arm. Over the next 3 years I had every test known to man and I visited more than 10 doctors and specialists who were all at a loss as to why I was having so much pain. In April of 2001, I finally saw a doctor who was able to figure out what was causing all the pain. A tumor. It was certainly a shock to hear those words. The surgery was a few weeks later, and during the surgery they found another tumor that was hiding on the pre-surgery CAT scan. In order to get the tumors out they also removed some bone and muscle as well, and so I have a pretty deep dent in my back. Recovery and physical therapy did help me regain some strength and range of motion back, but it has never been the same. My doctor even told me I should not be surprised if I couldn’t do push-ups again. And I accepted that as a fact. I didn’t even really try to do a push-up again, until recently that is…
When I started going to Body Pump classes this past spring I was excited for something new to add to my workout routine and change up what I had been doing. Not only have I met some of the most amazing people in the classes, but I am stronger than I have been in a LONG time (maybe ever). About 6 weeks ago I gave myself a challenge. Over the past few months I had increased my weights in all the body pump categories, but I was still doing push-ups on my knees. One day I decided that each time we did push-ups I was going to try to at least 2 of them on my toes. Most of the sets are 8 on our knees, and then 8-16 on toes if you can. I started out doing 2 on my toes, then 4, and I am happy to say that for the past 2 weeks I have been consistently doing ALL of the toe push-ups on MY toes!!! They might not be pretty, they might not make a drill Sargent happy, but I am happy, and strong, and THAT is what matters!! (I almost want to call that Doctor and tell him…but all these years later I am not even sure he would remember me…)

So what now! Well, I am still going to do push-ups on my toes, and I will continue to work on my form, and find new ways to challenge myself. It might not be easy, but these past few weeks gave me a huge reminder that I AM a strong woman, and I CAN do what I set my mind on. I don’t have to believe the negative words that people say to me about my abilities. I will continue to push forward and become even better, faster, and stronger! Bring it ON!

I would especially like to say thank you to my wonderful friends Adrian and Kyra who have helped to encourage me as I work on my goals! XO

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