Fitness Recap, last 2 weeks…

Well I have to say that this week was a bit better with fitness. Last week I only got in 2 workouts cause my allergies went crazy and my work schedule was a bit nuts. I felt really lazy, but I also knew that I needed some rest. I was very glad to get back to my mostly normal routine.

Monday was a 6.3 mile walk/jog in the morning, and in the evening body combat!
Tuesday I did body pump and then 2.1 miles of sprints on the treadmill. Not my favorite type of workout, but I know that sprints are good for me sometimes…

Wednesday I woke up with some tight muscles in my back. I attempted to run, but my hip started to hurt. I ended up doing the elliptical at the gym to see if it would help loosen my my hip. 2.75 miles, and some Zumba did seem to help. I did extra stretches but it wasn’t enough to stick with my training plan for running.
Thursday I felt a little better, but still tight…so only 1.1 mile walk. And some body pump in the evening as well.
I turned Friday into a rest day and did some light yoga and more stretches. I wanted to make it to the chiropractor to see if they could help with an adjustment. Unfortunately, the office was not open when I was able to go, so I just kept stretching and icing.
Saturday was body pump day!! And it was a new launch release!!! It was so much fun, except for the lunges, and my hip was a little irritated. I was able to make it to the chiropractor after the gym and indeed my hips were a mess. My legs are a bit uneven and so that has been causing my right side to overcompensate and then my left side gets tight…It is not fun, and the running has certainly made it more aggravated. SO the solution is more stretching, and more stretching in between adjustments…I am really hoping that it resolves itself soon. My 7 mile run this weekend did not happen and it has made me a little frustrated.
Sunday I did more resting today, and played some light sand volleyball.

Well, I really hope that this coming week is better. It is still somewhat early in my training for the half in December, so I am praying that I can get my hip to cooperate and let me train properly!

I hope you are all having a great start to the fall. Who is training for races? Anyone doing any fun races? Fill me in!!


~Chocolate Runner Girl~

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