Daily Archives: January 8, 2014

Back to the grind…

I haven’t run since last year!!! Glad it was really only 10 days ago. Darn you sickness! And cold (for Houston) weather. Today was the first run of 2014! It was short and sweet, but it felt GOOD to get out there! I bundled up the twins and myself and out we went. 2.4 miles later I was ready for more but then the rain came. I am ok running in the rain, but I didn’t want the twins in the cold and the rain! So we headed back. It was probably good that I didn’t go too much further today as my quads began to BURN from body pump on last night! I added weights to my squats and I am so feeling it today!
My first race of the year is in 10 days! I have to say I am not feeling ready yet. I know it is a 5k, and there is no pressure, but I really want to do well! So for the next 10 days I am going to try to balance focus and rest too! Focus is something I have never done really well at with my running. I usually just have a sort of plan and go for it. Most of the time I sell myself short and I don’t feel I have reached my full potential with my running. So I am adding that to my goals. To be FOCUSED with my running. With that, I am off to bed and will pick up my running shoes on Friday 🙂

What tools do you use to stay focused on your goals?