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Oops…This was supposed to post a few weeks ago and I just remembered it!


As I think back on my year of running one word pops into my mind…injuries…foot, back, and hip.
I think that injuries are a part of life that no one is really to immune to. I have certainly had my share of injuries over the years, and I have many other bloggers & friends who also faced injuries in 2013. I am thankful that my injuries are not as common as they were when I was a bit younger. I think back to a streak I had going when I was in high school and the beginning of college. It almost made me want to live in a padded room to avoid getting hurt. Even though I had many injuries and a few surgeries, I would not give up the wonderful memories and friendships I made while staying active with sports and running.

I was recently contacted by and introduced to the American Recall Center. It is a wonderful website chalk full of helpful information about drug and medical device recalls as well as applicable healthcare information and support. They regularly post about a plethora of topics related to health and wellness! I would suggest you check out their site and see what information is helpful for you!

The ARC has 4 pretty great core values as well:

To educate
To be trusted
To empower
To advocate

At the end of 2013, they came up with a list of the most notable-sports-injuries of 2013. I have to admit I was a little nervous to see this list as I was pretty sure there would be some gruesome injuries! And I was right in my assumption! Everything from torn muscles/tendons to broken bones to needing stitches or staples to massive blood loss. Injuries happen in all sports. In a blink of an eye an athlete can lose what they have worked so hard for. This was true for many athletes, although with quick thinking from teammates and medical staff, many athletes are able to recover and with rest & therapy, regain what they have lost and return to their beloved sports!

As I read over the list there were a few injuries that really stood out to me.
Kevin Ware, a guard for the Louisville Cardinals broke his leg in half during a game where he was trying to block a 3-pointer.

Zach Redmond, a defenseman for the Winnipeg Jets had an accident where a teammate accidentally skated over his leg severing his femoral artery. His teammates actions helped to save his life by helping to stop the bleeding. He was able to skate again just 6 weeks later even though he was told he wouldn’t skate agin.

The athletes weren’t the only ones who faced injuries! Even the Mascot of the Toronto Raptors faced a tear to his Achilles tendon.

The injury that was most amazing (and pretty gruesome) to me was from Pepe, the Center Back for the Real Madrid soccer team! During a game he collided his head into the head of his opponent instead of the ball leaving a gash that was bleeding profusely! To stop the bleeding, the medical team stapled his head closed right there, and he continued to play in the game! And they won!

Wow! These injuries make me very thankful that I have never had to deal with anything quite so awful!It is also a reminder that you can really never be too careful when playing sports or being active.

Have you ever experienced an injury? What was your recovery like?