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Houston 5k Race Recap!

As I sit here and ice my foot I feel I might have overdid it just a little this past week…Boo pain


I have been working in increasing my running from 2-3 days a week to 4-5 days a week, and also increasing my milage as well. I am part of the Winter Mile Challenge which has been really fun so far, as well as encouraging & motivating too! Last week I managed 10 miles, and this week I doubled it and got in 20 miles 🙂 Yahoo!

Sunday 2.25 miles
Monday 4.5 miles
Tuesday 2 miles plus Body Pump
Wednesday 3.6 miles
Thursday – Body Pump
Friday – 2.7 miles
Saturday 5k + 2 miles

Saturday was my first race of 2014! My first of 33 (or more) for the year! I even made up my own hashtag since I’m so cool. #33for33 🙂 I know, super creative.

Anyways, this race morning was not my best morning. It was WAY colder (32 degrees) than I thought it was going to be, I left my house 10 min later than I wanted and I just felt really unprepared in general.

I have lived in the Houston area for 6 years and I still am not super comfortable with the streets downtown. Plus most of the streets I needed to go on were already closed off made an even more confusing morning. I finally located a lot that was about as close as I could find to where I needed to go, and for $5 I figured it was ok! I asked the attendant how close I was to the area for the packet pick-up and he said 6-7 blocks! So I had to book it over to the convention center. Turns out I was only 3.5 blocks away. When I got to the packet pickup area, it was not very organized. I ended up standing in line for about 35 minutes to get my race gear.

After pickup I was planning to drop my bag and fleece back at my car. However, we were pretty much shuttled like cattle to the start area, and since I was already a little confused and later than I wanted to be I didn’t want to chance missing the start of the race. In the end I probably would have had time to make it back to my car, and if it was a race longer than 5k, I would have made it happen!


I ended up starting the race with my fleece AND my running backpack…and something happened with my Garmin & the connection to the satellite was not working right…not the best start to a race.
I walked for a few min to warm up and to get out of the way of the faster runners. I tried to run and my bag started to ram into my lower back. I tried to adjust it a little bit but it was not helpful. Then the sweat started and it made my fleece stick to my arms and felt pretty uncomfortable. So I slowed down to a fast walk. I tried to run a few more times but it just made my back hurt. I decided I was ok to walk it! My main goal was just to finish and honor #MegsMiles! About 3 minute later one of my workout buddies from Body Pump walked up to me with her daughter and said hi! I ended up walking and talking with them! We chatted away and when we got close to the finish line we jogged to the end. As we crossed the finish line there were several service men & women placing the medals on our necks! It was really touching for the men and women who serve our country to honor us in such a way.

Official time: 49:16. I guess I can only get better from here!
Overall it wasn’t a total terrible day, just not my best 5k ever! I hope my race next weekend goes better!
And I got another shirt to add to my growing collection 🙂

Did you race this weekend?  How did it go?
How do you handle a not so perfect race?