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More March Races…

This month I had planned to do a race each Saturday.  From the half marathon to several 5ks, a virtual half and ending with a 10k.  You can see my half recap here if you haven’t already read it.  I showed up to my 5k on the 8th only to find out it was postponed and I managed to not get any of the emails about that.  That was a bit of a bummer, especially since I was so exhausted and I contemplated sleeping in.  Oh well, I am supposed to get a refund so I will use that money for another race!
Between March 10th and 24th I did a virtual half through Joggermom.  I did it over a few days, and ended up running 20.90 miles.  Yay!
On the 22nd my sweet friend Anne and I did a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 5k together.  Here is that recap:

Well I guess I should recap my last race since I have another one tomorrow 🙂
A few weeks ago I posted on my FB to see if any of my local friends would be interested in doing a somewhat local 5k with me. One of my friends & gym buddies responded with a YES! Yahoo! I was excited!

As race day approached I was a bit tired. It had been a long work week and I was up late most evenings. To add to it, the race was about 90 min away, so that meant a wake up call of 5 am on a Saturday! I know it was a sacrifice for myself and for my friend Anne as that was normally her only day to sleep in a bit. So THANK YOU ANNE!!
On race morning, Anne picked me up a little after 5:30. She was so sweet and made us both delicious smoothies to get us going! We had a nice chat on the way up to the race. It was lovely getting to know her more!
We arrived at the race and got our race packets pretty easily. It was great to have an easy packet pick-up. Unlike most races the only thing in the packet was our bib and a t-shirt. To me it felt like a waste of bags if that was all there was.

One part of the race event that we decided not to participate it was the costume contest. I really had no idea what to even expect, and both Anne and I felt we just wanted to do the race this time. After seeing some of the really cute and fun consumes, it might be something to look into if we do this race again next year. The costumes came in a whole range of fun. Flapper girls, 80s theme, Cruella Deville & a few Dalmatians with ‘101 Reasons to Run’ on their shirts, a group of minions, many Super girls, a few ninja turtles, old ladies, lots of tutus, biker chicks, St Patty’s day attire, princesses, prom queens, and even a Dolly Parton.
One thing they also encouraged with this race was that mothers and daughters run together. So there were girls of all ages running! I even saw a few lil tots running with their moms and rockin’ it! It was really inspiring to see that, and my heart was grateful that these moms are instilling in their daughters at a young age that being fit and healthy can also be fun!

Another bonus to this women only race was that all the volunteers were men. So the race route, the water stations, the finish line, and all in between had men dressed in tux shirts handing out what we needed! It was kind of fun, and it looked like the men were having a blast!

Back to the actual race. After we got our race packets we hit the bathrooms then took the shirts to Anne’s car. Got our race bibs on and headed to the start line to get this party started.
Since Anne is not a hug runner (although she is in great shape and very active), and I had been dealing with my leg issues, we decided to go for a 2:1 run/walk cycle unless on of us needed to walk more. I was a little nervous and did not want to have any more issues. I know I have many more races coming up, and I don’t want this leg cramping issue to get in the way of me having a great time and also continuing to get back to my better race times.
IMG_3261We started off with a bang. Ran the first few minutes to get through some of the crowd and to settle into a pace. I was having a few issues with my pacing app, but I did finally get it to work. Once that happened we settled into the 2:1 pace. I felt pretty good doing that, and Anne said she felt great as well! The first mile seemed to go fast (for me) and I was hoping to get under 45 min overall. When I looked at Runkeeper mile 1 was 14:04, so I got a little excited.
It was pretty humid out, and that was a bit of a hindrance for me. It made it a little hard to breath, but I pushed along. It was so fun to see many of the little girls running along side their friends and moms. For about a mile we were back and forth with a little 3 yr old and her mom. She was such a trooper!
Mile 2 came in at 15:10. A bit slower than what I was hoping for.
The third mile had a nice long incline so I was guessing my time was going to be over 45 min, but was hoping for less than 47. We ended up passing mile 3 in 14:46. We ran into Anne’s daughter who was waiting for us near the finish line, then I crushed the last .10 sprinting. My Runkeeper time was 45:51 and my official time from the race was 45:49. I have never had a race time and my Runkeeper time/distance be so close before. I know that satellites are not always 100% accurate, but after the .70 miles it was off for my half it was nice to see a close comparison.
So I was a little over my original goal, but my average pace was under 15 min, so I will take that for now. My leg didn’t seem to really bother me that much, so I need to start pushing myself a little more with training now.
It was so fun to have someone else to race with! I hope that Anne and I can do another race together soon! She did awesome and I am so proud of her 🙂

Once we crossed the finish line we got a rose from one of the many guy volunteers. I was a little disappointed there were not race medals. I forget that smaller races sometimes don’t have them. I now have 2 races this year with no bling.
They also had chocolate fountains with fruit and sweets to dip in it, as well as champagne glasses filled with Gatorade. I opted for some water and grabbed some napkins to wipe the dripping sweat off my face.
We met back up with Anne’s daughter and went to have brunch together. I had a really amazing salad (spinach, chicken, apples, &nuts with a cranberry vinaigrette), and enjoyed great conversation with wonderful company. After brunch Anne and I headed back. The sun came out and it was a beautiful day!