Where did April go??

This month has been flying by!  I feel like it should still be mid-February, yet May is almost here!! I guess my Great Aunt Doris was right when she told me so many years ago that time just keeps getting faster the older you get!  I am way behind on posting about my races, and other life happenings.  I am working on those posts and will hopefully have them up in the next day or so.  Today I want to share with you a little treat I made this weekend.   If you follow me in instagram or are my facebook friend, then you have probably already seen it.
Anyways, it has already been in the 80s here in Texas.  The high today is in the 90s!  So it is starting to feel like summer.  I love to have little treats in the summer to help cool me off when it is REALLY hot, but I also like to keep them as healthy as possible.
Last summer I ordered 2 set of these ice pop molds from Crate and Barrel! It looks like they don’t have them anymore, but I am sure any type of ice pop mold will work!  These molds are pretty close to the ones I purchased from Crate and Barrel.


I picked 4 different fruits I wanted to use.  Choose however many you want! I picked strawberries (they were on the verge of going bad), mango, pineapple, & raspberries.
I places a few pieces of each fruit into the molds.
Then I poured in some coconut water till it was almost at the top.  You can also use regular purified water too if you are not a fan of coconut water.
I placed the lids on each mold.  Since I used a lot of fruit, I had to wiggle some of the lids around to get them to fit properly.
Once finished place in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

This concept also works well with left-over smoothies for smoothie pops!

What are you favorite summer treats??
Always looking for new ideas!!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

4 thoughts on “Where did April go??

  1. 262x2

    These Popsicles look amazing! I’ve been having sinus problems a lot, and Popsicles always make new feel better. I may have to try these! I’m really enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more of it! #teamstellar


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