4 thoughts on “Claim my blog on bloglivin

  1. 262x2

    Wow, I think that you take the cake for worst running related injury! And did you photoshop yourself in that pic with Meb??! When did you get to meet him? It was great learning more about you, you certainly have some awesome stories to share!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Haha no worries 🙂
      It was a rough road…I didn’t even get into all the details of the foot drama! My dr told me I wouldn’t run again and I proved him wrong big time! 🙂
      I have actually met Meb a few times. He was a speaker at several of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races I did (Arizona and San Antonio) and I got to meet him and chat with him and his brother. He even remembered me the second time I saw him! He is such a great guy, so down to earth! His book is pretty awesome too 🙂
      He was even here in Houston for the half marathon in Jan and shot the gun for the 5k I ran!
      Running has certainly added some interesting stories to my life!


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