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Foamthing New Race Recap

Last week I mentioned that thanks to my ambassadorship with Fit Approach, I received a free entry into the 5k Foam Fest race.
The race is designed to release in waves and I originally signed up for the 8:50 wave.  After finding out there was at least one person from my MRTT group running at 8:00, I emailed the race director and he instructed me to call Round House Racing to switch my time.  It was about a 45 second phone call to switch with no issues!

Friday night before the race I got really scared.  I have never done any sort of obstacle race before, and I was doing the race without a team so I was nervous about completing all the challenges by myself.  I talked to the hubs about it a little bit and he encouraged me to just do my best.  He also decided last minute to come with me!

We got up at 5:30 on Saturday morning.  I am still not used to that wake up time, even after doing it so many times this year for races. At least there was a really pretty sunrise!

 IMG_6089 IMG_6090
We drove about 45 min to the race and arrived a bit early.  The instructions said to be there an hour before your wave, so I wanted to arrive by 7, and we arrived about 6:45.  The parking was all in a large grassy field, and they were charging $10!  I am sure they made a small fortune off of parking for the race.  We had to walk for about 10 min to find the start of the race.  As we were walking we passed one of the obstacles, the Rope Wall.  I looked at it and said there was NO way I was doing that.  The hubs thought that was a good idea.

IMG_6091 IMG_6092

Welcome to the FOAM FEST!

IMG_6095 IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6098
We found the check in stations which were arranged alphabetically by last name.  I signed my waiver, picked up my race bib, pins, got my hand stamped and got my ‘I’m over 21’ bracelet.
IMG_6100 IMG_6105
We walked around a little and checked out some of the activities that were available for people to do!
IMG_6102 IMG_6103IMG_6104
I saw THIS Death Drop slide and I thought NO WAY am I doing that….
After we walked around I decided to get my bib and fake tattoo on 🙂
IMG_6106 IMG_6107
Then it was about time to start.  While I waited at the start line some of the foam started to fly away!  It was pretty funny and really captured people’s attention.

Start Time

The 10 second countdown happened and we were off.  Right away it was really muddy and slippery so I started out slow.  I decided not to wear any of my normal race gear (heart rate monitor, GPS, phone, water belt, etc) as I had no idea what was in store for the race.  Looking back I could have worn my watch to at least see how long it took me, but my only real goal for this race was to finish!
IMG_6110 IMG_6114 IMG_6115
The course was at a motocross race track so there were LOTS of hills, and it was like a trail run with dirt, roots, narrow passages and lots of trees.
We ran for maybe .25 miles before the first obstacle. The Chamber of foam. It was a pretty simple one.  It looked like an inflatable wrestling arena filled with foam.  We had to climb up into it, cross over, and climb down.  One down.  Yes.
Then I ran for a bit before I got to the Cargo Climb.  This was the obstacle that I thought I would NOT do as I saw it on the way in….Well I get there and figured I would at least try it.  The course description said it was 12 feet, but it looked (and felt) more like 20 feet to me.  I was half way up and this younger teenage boy came and tried to climb up super fast!  It made the entire net shake and I held on tight till he was on the other side.  He tried to slide down the other side and got stuck on the ropes.  He did not have very good race etiquette.  (I ran into him a few more times on the course and he was just really wild.  I was a little disappointed that none of the volunteers said anything about his behavior.)
IMG_0011_3  IMG_0010
(After the race I got a few pics)

On the other side of the Cargo Climb there was a small trail to run on to the next obstacle, the Electric Mud Crawl. This was a very wet obstacle.  I was not sure how deep the water was going to be, but it was only a few feet deep.  It was COLD, but I managed to get under the ropes and shuffle my way though!

The next obstacle was just around the bend from the mud crawl.  It was a set of Lily Pads.  I was nervous about running across these pads and was sure I was going to fall flat on my face.  There were 3 options to cross the small pond, and I wimped out and took the shortest one.

The next mile or so was a pure trail run through the woods.  Some of it was on rough roots and parts got really narrow.  I was thankful in those moments that my wave only had about 50 people in it and there was not any congestion.  Along this path I came across the Spider Web Forest.  It was just a bunch of rope threaded back and forth between the trees.


The next obstacle was the Trip Wire. It was a bunch of wires woven back and forth about a foot off the ground.  I attempted to speed my way through, but ended up slowing down a little bit.

The next set of obstacles were pretty much all together with about 200 feet in between them.  They were foamy, muddy and wet!

Mikes Hard Elemenator was first.  You had to run through 3 sets 4 huge blow up lemons.  It was really slippery and hard to run very fast.

Next came the Log Roll.  It was a huge tub of water with about 5 ‘logs’ across that you could climb over or go under.  I opted to go OVER the logs.  I did not want to put my face in the muddy water with who knows what else was in it!

The last of the 3 that were close together was the Wall.  I think this was the hardest one for me.  It really showed me that I really need to work more on my total upper body strength.  Climbing up the first few rungs was ok, but as I got close to the top I was not sure how I was going to swing my leg over!  Then the first rung on the back side was lower than the front side which was not fun for my short legs!  I heard a few other girls talking about that as they did the other wall. Glad to know I was not alone in that!

The last 3 obstacles were super muddy!  I am SO glad I was in the first wave! I can not imagine being in a later wave and how it was probably even more muddy and slippery!
Next up was the Slip-n-slide.  The hubs was able to get a few pics of me on this one.
IMG_6123IMG_6125  IMG_6124

I am really attractive when I run…Ha

Next up was Body Washer.  There was a short little run and then the hill leading up the body washer was SO slippery.  It was harder to get up the hill and down the next hill than the body washer itself.  You can see the guy (blue shirt) next to me pretty much slid down the hill.
IMG_6130 IMG_6127IMG_6128IMG_6129

At this point I thought I was finished….and then I came to the LAST obstacle…the Death Drop.  I really did not think that I would ever do this obstacle.  I am not super afraid of heights, but this slide was 40 feet up!  As I passed by it the volunteer said persuaded me to try it!!! AHHH
So I got on and started climbing.  The rungs were pretty muddy from all the people before me.  Every few rungs there was a warning sign to hold on tight and use your hands to climb up!
When I got to the top it was hard to breath!  I did not know how I was going to get down!  The guy at the top was really nice and let me take a minute to settle onto the slide.  Then I laid down, crossed my arms across my chest, held my breath and went!! I almost hyperventilated on the way down!  I did not open my eyes till I was at the bottom.  Then I slid a little more on my back before I sat up and plopped into the pool of water!!!! I was SO glad to be at the bottom!  Both the hubs and the photographer said I had the best slide they had seen so far.  Others before me had sat up too early and did not make it to the end of the slide.
IMG_6133 IMG_6132 IMG_6131

I proudly accepted my medal!
And I also happily accepted my Mike’s Hard Lemonade! I needed it after that course!
After I went through the finishers line and received my medal, shirt, drink and a sponge to clean off with, I got my bag from the hubs and went to change my clothes!! Changing in a port-a-potty was the most challenging obstacle of the day…haha

I am not sure of my exact time since I didn’t wear any of my gear, and the race was not timed, but a few min after I was finished I asked the hubs what time it was.  It was about 8:50.  So I did the course in close to 45 min.  I was a little shocked it was that fast!  Go me 🙂

Overall it was a well organized race, it was fun, and the order of the obstacles were done well.  A few of the obstacles looked a bit different from what I saw on the website, but I guess it all depends on the location and what they have access to.
A few other details that were different from the website was the look of the shirt and the medal and the number of obstacles.
Even though I got a shirt in a larger size than I normally wear, it did NOT fit right.  I tried it on and it was like a crop top!  Ha, I guess It will look great in my future running shirt quilt 🙂
Added another medal to the rest of the bling from this year!
Race 13 of 33 finished!

Besides this being a really different course for me, the race also benefited a charity that build orphanages for kids in third world countries!  That made me really happy that I was able to do something for a great cause!  If you want to find out more about A Child’s Hope Foundation check it out here.
Orphan-Pic-1 Orphan-Pic-2 Orphan-Pic-3

*Disclaimer* While I received a free entry for this race, all opinions are my own!

Have you done an obstacle course race of any kind?  What did you think?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-