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Monday Motivation: Christina’s Story

I am honored to share with you today Christian’s story of how DDP yoga changed her life!

Hi, my name is Christina and almost 2 years ago I suffered a loss from a very late miscarriage.  This loss resulted in depression, anxiety, weight gain, and a huge body image problem.  I was the unhappiest I’ve ever been and  it wasn’t just affecting me – it was affecting my entire family!  I knew I had to make a permanent change and so I set off on a journey to lose weight and conquer my demons to become the happy & healthy person I knew I could be.

In March 2013, my hubby showed me Arthur Boorman’s inspirational video on YouTube.  I knew right then, that DDP Yoga was for me.  I dove in headfirst and have been going strong ever since.  DDP Yoga, coupled with healthy eating, has brought me to a weight loss of 60 pounds  and has given me the opportunity to take my health back into my own hands!   I changed careers, became certified in nutrition & wellness, wrote a cookbook, and am now the 1st ever female DDP Yoga Instructor!!  I also just recently won the DDP Yoga Challenge for inspirational blogging.  My ultimate goal is to pay it forward by sharing my knowledge of nutrition and fitness so others can start their journey to take back their health! 

Christina Before
ChristinaBefore Pic (1)Christina Before

Christina After!
ChristinaAfter-1st 5KChristinaAfter 365ChristinaBlack Crow

What an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us Christina!!
If you would like to connect with Christina, you can do so on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Hope your Monday is going swell!


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