Houston Heights Race Recap

This past Saturday I participated in my 14th race of 2014! Yay!  I am almost halfway to my goal of 33 races for the year! I originally was thinking of doing a half marathon, but my lack of training and the increasing heat helped me decide to stick with a simple (sort of) local 5k.
The race held race day pick up (I am so thankful), and I arrived about 6:50 am.  There were already a bunch of people there and the line was long for pick up and race day registration.
When I got my race bib they made an announcement they were out of safety pins!! I have never had that happen at a race before.  They had already sent someone to the store for more, so I just got everything else ready till there were pins to use.

Ready to race!
I headed back to the start area after taking my energy bits and they had more safety pins available for the runners.
IMG_6613 IMG_6611
And we were off!
It was pretty humid and starting to get a little hot even before 7:30am
My goal for the race was to work on my 4:1 pacing.  I have been working my way back up from 2:1 to 3:1 and I wanted to see if I was ready for 4:1.  I had paced myself that way the last few runs, but I felt really slow.
The first mile seemed to go ok.  There was a lot of energy in the air and people really encouraging each other.  A few people came up behind me and gave me a supportive pat.  I ran most of mile 1 with an older man.  His breathing really helped me stay on pace.  I was able to stay 4:1 yay! Pace: 13:18
Mile 2 was a little slower.  I could feel the heat start to get to me a little bit, but still kept my 4:1. Pace: 13:53
Mile 3 I was really starting to feel fatigued.  One moment I was feeling ready to give up and just walk and a lady came up beside me and said I was doing a great job pacing her and her group! So that gave me a little motivation to keep plugging along!  Pace: 14:00
When I saw the mile 3 sign I sped up a little bit then charged in towards the finish line!
Not my fastest time, but the best I have done in a while! Pace: 12:51
They race directors did a great job with the water situation with it being such a warm and humid day.  We had access to water before and after the race, and while on the course they had a water stop every 0.75 miles!  Well done, well done!

A few min after I crossed the finish line I saw the man that paced me through mile 1! I congratulated him and he told me he was 75 years old!  I want to still be racing like this when I am 75 (and beyond!)

They had a small little post race breakfast.  It was alright, but the line was super long.

The best part of the morning was the kids 1k fun run! They were adorable!
IMG_6625 IMG_6627

Overall it was a fun morning! Despite the humid weather the race was fun and I am glad I was able to participate!

After the race was the BEST part of my morning, a post-race massage!  I went to one of my gyms locations near the race and got to shower then went and got my 90 min massage!!

Did you race this weekend?  How do you prepare for your summer training and races with the weather?
-Chocolate Runner Girl-


2 thoughts on “Houston Heights Race Recap

  1. 262x2

    Congrats on a great job! Isn’t it an awesome feeling when someone tells you that you’re keeping them on track during a race? During my last half marathon, I had a couple of people compliment me. First, someone who was running their first complimented my friend and I on how we made our run fun. Neither of us had trained too hard for it, so instead of risking injury by running hard, we decided to briefly stop at every mile marker, goof off, and take photos for our (now) blog. We brainstormed our blog during that run! AND after we finished, someone told me that seeing the Guinness logo on the back of my shirt was what kept her going until the end…lol!


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