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Five Things Friday….There’s a new store in town!

I was recently contacted by a new store that just arrived in the Houston area!  Five Below!
I was given a gift card and got a chance to check out this new store!

The hubs went with me and we had a blast!  The store is bright, colorful and well organized!  Each category they have is displayed in huge letters around the store, as well as color coded.
The categories include Style, Room, Sports, Tech, Crafts, Party, Candy, and Now.

We were greeted cheerfully by the manager on duty and got a chance to look around the store! It was the grand opening weekend, and the word had gotten out!  The store was full of people!  It was hard to know where to start since I was drawn to each area of the store right away!  We began on the right side of the store and made our way around.  Along the way we found several items we decided to purchase.  Most of them we were able to get with the generous gift card provided by Five Below!
It was hard to only pick a few items!  Everything was so fun and they had so many items to play with!  The hubs really enjoyed the sports section! They had a really great variety of items, and I know I will be back for more fitness supplies!
IMG_6663 IMG_6666
Got a great new yoga mat AND a carrying case!

The Hubs got a new bag that he has been needing (and a Cowboys bag is perfect for him!)!!
I got a fun new water bottle! Purple and bling!  Yahoo!

We got a few technology items as well!  A zebra charger, how can one go wrong with that?
And sometimes it just feels old school to have a regular phone to talk into 🙂
IMG_6681 IMG_6680
My Favorite item of the day was a new hat!
IMG_6674 IMG_6671 IMG_6672

Five Below is a really fun store!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to check it out during the grand opening!
Here some some fun facts about the Five Below Stores!


If you like fun, and creative items that are a good deal, check out your area to see if there are any Five Below stores near you!

If you find one, let me know what you think!!!!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post.  All ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Off to the races again tomorrow!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-