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Dad’s Day 5k

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating.  Whether you were celebrating your dad or another male father figure/role model I hope it was great!
Saturday morning I got up early (again) after only a few hours of sleep.  I literally rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and threw on my race clothes.  As I walked out to my car it already felt like it was going to be a hot day…

I headed downtown for my 15th race of 2014! It was a little bit of a drive, but the traffic was light so I made it down with no issues.  I also found parking right away which I am so shocked about!

I found the packet pick up, got my bib, pins and t-shirt and went back to my car.  I got my bib & timing chip on and put away everything I did not need, and took my essentials with me.  I have not used this kind of timing chip in a long time!!! Brought back some memories of the first time I had a timing chip I could keep!
The shirt is super cute!  It will look great in my quilt one day!
IMG_6862IMG_6864 IMG_6863

The opening ceremonies opened with a small choir singing the National Anthem.  They did a fine job.  They also had a few people talk about the cause this race was supporting, prostate cancer research!  The most touching speaker was the widow of the man who founded the race.  She was so thankful and appreciative of all the work that was being made.

Next it was time for the kids 1k!  They were adorable and did really well!

IMG_6867 IMG_6870
After the kids race, all the adults lined up for the 5k and the 3k.   The heat was already coming on strong and I almost wished I had signed up for the 3k!

And we were off.  The race was all on 1 road near downtown.  It was an out and back loop.  The first mile I felt ok, but knew I was going to be slower than last weekend.  Pace: 12:52

Mile 2 was even slower.  The sun was just hot.  I could feel my hands start to swell, and the only thing I could think about was how I needed to not pass out like I did in the AZ half a few years back! Pace: 13:56

Mile 3 was ROUGH!  Just when I thought I might be able to pull off a time close to last week, I choked on water and had a coughing fit.  Ended up having to stop running or walking for a min before I felt ok to at least walk.  Pace:15:11

Even though it hot, and I was exhausted, I finished strong! Pace: 12:35


I was very thankful to cross the finish line!  I headed over to the post-race party, grabbed some water and goodies.  They had a nice little band playing.  They had a good set up for the post race food, and a small tent with the race results.
IMG_6879 IMG_6880IMG_6881

Overall I felt the race was very organized.  If I am around next year it is a race that I will consider doing again! Only downside besides the heat was no race bling except for the kids and the super fast runners (top 3 in age groups and top male and female).

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it?
How is the weather for you?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-