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Five things. . . I won recently. . .

So who doesn’t like to win things?? Especially things that are really awesome!!!
So over the last few weeks I won a few things, and this week I received them all! Yay!

1. This past weekend I was at a baby shower for a dear friend.  Part of the shower included a raffle for guests who bought a package of diapers.  So I played the game, and I won a sweet basket filled with goddies 🙂 Wine, chocolate, stationary and a candle that smells AMAZING!!
2. A few weeks ago I saw a super cool give away on Kristen’s blog and decided to enter! And a few days later she posted the winners! Yep, I won a pair of Injinji socks!  I was thrilled that I was able to pick my own color! All the ones I have owned up till now have been black, white or grey.  So purple is now in my possession! Yes!
I broke them in at the gym on Tuesday with body pump and a short jog and they ROCK!
3. With my connection as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador I saw a giveaway on the site for a few unique items related to Father’s Day!  A few days after I entered, I got an email saying that I won one of the giveaways!
This smoothie recipe book is amazing!  I LOVE smoothies! I have been making them for myself for the past 15 years!  The hubs and I have been looking over them and trying to decide what we want to test taste first!  I will try to update y’all on what we choose!
If you want a few of the recipes, check out the like on the giveaway above 🙂
4. Another book from the GGS giveaway
Another really awesome cookbook!  I have been feeling like I have been in a rut lately with cooking, so this little book will help spice up the kitchen again!
5. The third book from the GGS giveaway!
IMG_0001IMG_7306(Sweet note from the publicist)
I am extra pumped about this book!  Since I have taken up biking again, and am training for another duathlon (and hopefully a triathlon soon), this book is perfect to learn even more about bikes!!

If any of these books look good to you, you can order them for yourself:
Paleo Smoothies
The Spicy Paleo Cookbook
The Bike Deconstructed

What was the best prize you ever won?

Happy Friday and happy WEEKEND!!
-Chocolate Runner Girl-