Daily Archives: July 10, 2014

Creativity is flowing…

Well 2 weeks ago I saw a lady in my running group post that she was selling a running bling sign! I’ve been wanting one for ages but have yet to really make a choice on one. So I was the first person to claim the cute one that was being sold! Yay!!
I really liked it, but ended up adding 2 more knobs so I have more space for my medals this year!!



After I got the new one home I was looking at it and realized that I could totally make one (or more)!!
So I set out and got my supplies!
I saw some cute boards at Micheal’s and decided to make 2! One purple and one green. I also found some great letter stickers for the words! Pink and Zebra 😉
I was a little impatient and could not wait to get started on them! So I started painting right away! Next time I make one I want to sand the edges first. They were a little rough and made the painting a bit challenging.


By the end of the day I had them both painted! (Sorry dishes for neglecting you!!)


I was again a little impatient so I added the letters too! Next time I will let the paint dry fully overnight!



I was indecisive about what kind of hooks or knobs I wanted, but after seeing the prices of the knobs I liked, I decided to go with some hooks!  I found these in black and white at Hobby Lobby. After putting the additional knobs on the first sign, I am SO glad I went with the hooks! They were so much easier to put on!



I added the hooks, and also picture frame hangers on the back and put them up!!!! I am in LOVE! My office finally is coming together!  Now to get the rest of my race bibs organized and put on up 🙂



Have you ever made a running bling sign?  Or want one?  Already have a few requests!!! Yay 🙂

– Chocolate Runner Girl-