2 weekends in 1…

As life would have it, I’m going to be unexpectedly out of town next weekend. So that resulted in me packing a lot into this past weekend! It was fun, but ended up being so exhausting that I didn’t hear my alarm Monday morning and woke up AFTER I was supposed to be at work! Oops!

Anyways, here’s the run down:
Saturday: Pet sitting responsibilities, gym for body pump, quick run & Piyo.20140714-162605-59165244.jpg

Then a quick shower before getting my hair cut!


Next was a quick meeting with a new client which went well. Home to change my clothes  & pick up the Hubs, then off to a little housewarming party for some friends!
I dropped The hubs off at home so he could get to work and I headed to a birthday party for my favorite baby girl!




Then back to pet sitting duties and home to bed!
It took me a while to fall asleep but I managed to get 8ish hours!!! That’s a miracle!!

Sunday: Got up and went to church, made it to my pedi/wax appt!


Then the Hubs and I headed to “A Day in the Country” concert. When we
arrived at 1 we found out the main groups weren’t going to be playing till 7 pm…and it was HOT! So we decided to go home and come back later.


The Hubs headed home and I did errands & got groceries. Went home and took a nap then headed back to the concert. It was much nicer weather and a great evening!




20140714-203335-74015338.jpg20140714-203338-74018871.jpgSheryl Crow


20140714-203722-74242175.jpgRascal Flatts!!!!




It was a wonderful evening, and I really enjoyed the show!!
Came home and passed out from exhaustion!

Found out I won week 2 in the July challenge I am participating in!!! Let me tell ya, there are some TOUGH challenges!!!

Started off the day with some major greens after some not so healthy weekend food consumption!

How was YOUR weekend?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-



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