Daily Archives: July 29, 2014

Quick fitness update. . .

The past few weeks have been pretty nutty.  I thankfully have been able to stick with most of my fitness routine and goals.  The only thing I have been slacking with is running.  I have still been a regular at my body pump classes, piyo, swimming and keeping up with my July challenge! And let me just say, this July challenge is kicking my BUTT!  It has been really good, and really hard at the same time!!  I was very happy to find out that I was the weekly winner for the challenge the past 3 weeks!
If you follow me on twitter, then you might have seen that a friend has asked me to help her train for a 5k!  I am beyond excited for this!  We are looking for a race in the fall to have as our goal!  We managed one workout last week and we are going for another workout tonight!  She is really excited and nervous at the same time!  Our first workout she didn’t think she could run long, and so we just did a few min of running with walking breaks! She did great!
I know she will do great at this!  I can’t wait till it is a little cooler outside so we can take our runs out of the gym!

In other news, I got this cool shirt in the mail, and I will be sporting it soon!

And last week I got to meet my friend’s new sweet baby girl and take her FIRST selfie!!!IMG_8465

Oh and my computer is finally fixed, so expect some more updates soon!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-