Boo Summer Sickness. . .and Crazy Dog Sitting Stories

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have saw that I was sick over the weekend. I’m talking in bed, can’t move, fever of 102.6! It was not a fun Saturday! On Sunday I seemed to have more energy and my fever was lower. I even managed to lay out in the sun for a little bit in the afternoon.


Figured I was on the mend! I was sadly mistaken!! The last few days I have struggled through at work. We have been just chilling, doing art, reading books and working on potty training.
On Monday evening I was still feeling pretty awful but had to check on one of my dog sitting clients. The family had extended their trip so I had 2 different dogs to care for this week! One just needed fed and one I’m staying with overnights.
Well I arrived at the first house to see water gushing out of one garage! Um, this was not good!! It took a little time but I was able to figure out the toilet in the pool bathroom (that I didn’t even know existed) was spurting water! Turned off the water and spent the next 45ish min cleaning up the water.
Needless to say, I was even more exhausted than before.
Thankful there were no issues at the house yesterday!
The other awesome dog I’m watching has been great! And I’m thankful the hubs is there with me this week!

Today I am starting to feel better, but the cough is still icky!
I am really missing working out! And I have a race this weekend…so that shall be interesting!

One bonus to driving to work a different route, and earlier in the morning have been some beautiful sunrises!



How has your week been going?

-Chocolate Runner Girl

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