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Race Recaps…# 17 & 18

This past weekend I did 2 5k races.  One was a local race, and one was a virtual race!
Saturday morning I got up early (5am), and headed downtown to the race.  It was already a little muggy and I was coming off a week of being sick I really did not expect to do anything more than finishing.  So my goal was just to finish. 
IMG_9098 IMG_9100 IMG_9099
Got my race bib and took my bits to have some energy for the race!
As I was standing at the start line I looked at my music and realized that I did not have any of my race mixes on my phone! Ahh.  When my computer crashed a few weeks ago it reset the itunes on my phone too…Boo.  So I tried to make a quick little mix for the run.  I was able to pull together about 15 songs, so I could have at least a little upbeat music for the run!
IMG_9105 IMG_9102
Ready to rock and roll!  Or at least try… 😉
The first mile I was able to do 4:1 run:walk intervals and I felt ok.  The first half of the second mile I started to slow down a little and went to a 3:1 interval.  The course was out and back, and at the halfway point I was starting to feel really dizzy and sick, so I decided to just walk and run a little if I felt better.  The sun was out and it was HOT!  When I got to the water station around mile 2 I grabbed a few cups of water and poured it over my arms and my face!  That helped keep me cool a little bit.  I walked the last mile with a few brief intervals of running.  I was able to pick up the pace near the end and finish strong, so I was really happy about that!

Even though I was slower than I have been recently, I am glad to have just finished!

On Sunday, I decided to do my virtual race INSIDE!  And I am glad I did as it was another scorcher of a day.
I met my running buddy at the gym but realized I forgot my shoes!  Since I needed some new ones anyways, I walked over to the New Balance store and picked up a new pair!  They were on clearance and it was no-tax weekend here, so yay for a good deal on shoes!
The virtual run went ok, and I finished a LOT quicker than I had on Saturday.  It was still hot in the gym, but no where as hot as Saturday morning was outside!
(Excuse the sweating eye makeup…haha)

So races # 17 and #18 are in the books!! 15 more to go for my goal this year! 

Did you race this weekend?  How was the weather?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-