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Labor Day…

I hope everyone had a nice Labor day.  I worked a few hours this morning…which really meant I did some cute art with the twins and then we went swimming.
IMG_9999 IMG_0001
We had a great morning.

This afternoon I hit up Trader Joes and stocked up on some things.  The Hubs wanted to hang out since he got off work early, so we went to see the movie, If I Stay.  Some movies just need to come equipped with a box of Kleenex! I was littlerally sitting in my seat bawling like a baby…probably due to a combo of lack of sleep, the painful losses the Hubs and I have had this summer, and the story line.  It was a well done movie, and we had a good chat afterwards.

Once we got home I had a training ride to get in.  My goal was 15-20 miles, but since it was starting to get a little dark I decided to do at least 10 and then we where I was in terms of darkness.  I managed to get in 14 miles…and they were pretty fast for me.  I was really hoping to get under a 4 min/mile pace, but the last few miles were slow so I was 4:05 min/mile pace overall.  The first 10 miles were great!  It was a gorgeous evening for a ride!  I was really happy to realize I am getting more used to the bike.  My tush and toes didn’t get numb till about mile 9.  Duathlon training is in full swing!  Can’t believe the race will be here in just a few weeks!!!

IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0012
Hope you got to sweat and eat some yummy food today!!

What did you do today?

Chocolate Runner Girl