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Fall Race Schedule! #33for33

Well fall has officially arrived!   I am a girl who loves the warm sun, but fall will always be my favorite season!  The falls in Texas are a little warmer than I grew up with living in PA and IL (and many other states along the way), but I still love it!
I had the joy of running a few country miles last weekend and it was stellar.  After dealing with a NASTY blister a few weeks ago it felt so good to put on my running shoes again.  I am totally stoked and crazy nervous for my fall schedule!  It is going to be NUTS!

A big thank you again to my Elfie Lauren for inspiring me to run 33 races this year for my 33rd birthday.  She ran 30 last year and got the ball rolling for me 🙂

So I have 14 more races to finish out 2014 with 33 races!  AHHH It looks so crazy when I think about all the miles I will be running this fall!
I start out with 2 this coming weekend!

I have not 100% finalized everything yet, but here will be the distances I will be doing!

27- 5k
28- virtual 5k + 5 miles for race training

4- 5k
5- Duathlon (10-2-10)
11- 10 miler
25- 5k
Over the entire month I will complete a virtual marathon.  I am aiming to finish in 1 week

1- 5k
8- 5k
9- virtual 5k
15- 8k
27- 5 miles

6 – 5k
7- 10 miler
13- volunteer (more to come about helping out with this race)
21 or 27- Half marathon

I have one security race built in, and I might add one more just in case 😉
I will be running for some pretty amazing causes!
I am so stoked and I can not wait to see how it all goes!

Especially happy that I found an amazing energy source that will help power me though!  #poweredbybits

Side note: Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Mommy Tracker Fitness virtual workout giveaway!  You can leave a comment on this post or enter here!

What is on your fall agenda?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-