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Race recap #20: Woodforest Charity run 5k

Race # 20 for 2014 happened this weekend! It feels a little crazy that I only have 13 more races to go and I will have completed my goal for 2014!
I was able to pick up my race packet on Friday night! Lately the races I have been participating in have been too far away or the hours for packet pickup during the week have not worked with my schedule.
It was great to have my race number early and to only need to show up for the race!
Saturday morning was a beautiful morning!  It was a LOT cooler than my last race and the humidity was down as well.
I got on the road and headed up to the race.  On the way I got stuck in traffic with 20 police motorcycles in a motorcade helping trucks move large pieces of the new highway.  I am glad I had time to spare since it took about 10 min for them to pass by.
The finding parking took some time too.  I got to the race starting area 10 min before the 5k started.
The race was a charity run, and there were TONS of sponsors there.  It was neat to see so many different organizations come together for a great cause.
Going to the bathroom before the race was interesting.  The ladies room ran out of toilet paper so someone went over to the guys bathroom and stole some TP for us.  It was a little hilarious everyone passing one roll around between the stalls.  Ha
We lined up , I popped some energybits and there went the gun.
I was a little out of sorts because I could not find my phone armband to run with.  I searched high and low Friday night and I could not find it.  I ended up putting my phone in my SPI belt and that worked for this race.  Note to self: FIND ARMBAND!
The first mile was alright.  I felt really out of breath and I could not figure it why.  I did a walk/run trying to settle into a good pace.  Mile 1- 13:28

I had a few technical difficulties and walked a little more than I had planned so there went my better pace.  Mile 2- 14:13

Mile 3 I was starting to feel like I was getting into a groove.  The 10k racers met back up with us and that helped give me some motivation.  I don’t run all that fast by myself.
Mile 3- 13:49

I pushed myself at the end and finished strong!
I headed back to my car pretty much right away since I had a breakfast at my church to get to!

Other weekend adventures included using a great coupon from the race packet at my local running store 🙂

I also got in a little jog on Sunday between finance class and volleyball!

I have a virtual race today, and then another 5k on Saturday!
I can’t believe my duathlon is this coming Sunday!
It is going to be a busy week with workouts and training.

Monday- virtual 5k
Tuesday- Body pump and 15 min of sprint drills with my race buddies.
Wednesday- Morning run 3-5 miles and evening Piyo class
Thursday- Sprint drills and good stretches
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5k
Sunday- Duathlon 2mi, 10mi, 2mi

Who else raced this weekend?  What do you have coming up??

-Chocolate Runner Girl-