My first post like this!!

So for the October blogger challenge today we are to post our OOTD (outfit of the day)!  IMG_1399

Sooo…I am a nanny, and pretty much everyday I wear workout clothes, and more workout clothes.  Once in a while I actually wear normal clothes, and when I do little miss (2.5 yrs) calls me a princess…hehe!
So, here is my OOTD today, my normal outfit
Layerd tank tops, yoga capris, a sweat shirt and flip flops. 🙂
IMG_1466  IMG_1471IMG_1467

And here is an outfit that I wore a few days ago that actually WASN’T made of workout clothes!
Blue sleeveless shirt, cropped sweater and black roll over knee length skirt 🙂


IMG_1113 IMG_1114
Pretty much the one things that doesn’t change is I LOVE headbands!!!

What is your ratio of workout clothes to normal clothes?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

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