MADD Dash 5k

A little over 9 weeks ago, my sweet workout buddy Dy asked me to help train her for a 5k!! I of course jumped at the chance!! It was still pretty hot here in Houston, so we did our first few workouts inside on the treadmill!
Dy was a trooper and pushed through even when she wanted to give up.  Over the next few weeks we did more and more time on the treadmill.  Then one evening after a body pump class I told her we were going to run outside!! Her face was priceless and she was really nervous.  We did a little 20 min walk/jog with our other friend Anne and they rocked it!!
Over the next few weeks we did a combo of running, body pump and piyo classes!

This past week we did a 5k practice run which I doubled as my Run for Bling virtual 5k!!
We also did body pump, piyo and some running drills!  Dy rocked it along with our other gym buddies Anne and Steph!
We are silly 🙂

Saturday morning was GORGEOUS!  Actually a little chilly than what we have been used to!
We met at the race location, got our packets and bibs and were ready to rock and roll!
IMG_1510 IMG_1513
They had a nice opening ceremony where they announced the teams and individuals who raised the most money.  We all said the Pledge of Allegiance and it was go time!

The course was an out and back loop through a local neighborhood.  It was a nice path filled with trees and spots of sunshine and shade.  We started off running for a few min and then got into our 3:1 pace groove.  We picked up a few other ladies along the way who were also doing the same pace. It was nice to have a little group to run with since I normally do all my races alone.  Made the time go by much faster!!! Overall it was a great little course.  Only issue we had was traffic when we had to cross a main street.  The police were out there, but we had to wait a bit both times we crossed it.  Also they did not have a real water station.  The course map showed there would be 2 different water stations.  Around mile 2.25 they had a few volunteers handing out large bottles of water.  It was nice that they were cold, but they were hard to run with.  We saw many bottles thrown down along the course soon after that.  Kinda a bummer, and I really hope someone was able to go back and pick them up.  Hate to see so much litter and wasted water.
Mile 1- 14:16
Mile 2- 14:57
Mile 3- 14:26
As we got closer to the finish line Dy and I ran together and decided to finish at the same time.
All the hard work paid off and we had a strong finish!
I am SOOO very proud of Dy AND Anne who rocked the race! Dy has officially declared herself and runner and now wants to do a 5k each month!  She has even agreed to let me train her for a 10k and a HALF!!! I am so excited and happy 🙂
The run/walk sponsored the MADD organization!  The teams raised over $50,000 which I think is pretty incredible!
Way to go again ladies!! So proud of you and honored to coach you through this 5k process!

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