Pet Peeves…

Today’s blogging challenge is to list 6 pet peeves. As it has it, several of them happened to me today.  Ha

In no particular order:
1. Bad driving- not using blinkers, cutting people off, not-using headlights in poor light or bad weather, etc.
2. When people don’t put their shopping cart away and leave them stranded around the parking lot!
3. When friends rarely answer a text or phone call, yet have time to be on many other social media outlets.
4. Too much email!!!! And writers block!
5. Commercials that make fun or say negative things about their competition.
6. Bad grammar!  I feel that anyone with an 8th grade education or higher should know the difference between their, there, and they’re!!!  (I am not perfect with grammar, but I sure do try to make sure I am correct when I write!)


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves…

  1. fitkittymama

    We have some of the same pet peeves! I’ve been known to put away carts that I find scattered across the parking lot because it drives me so crazy. And if I’m with someone who tried to just leave the cart, I make a point of putting it away.


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