Du the Bear Duathlon, race #22 of 2014

This past weekend was a busy race weekend!  Saturday I participated in a 5k! After the race I worked for a few hours and then headed down to pick up my race packet for Sunday!  It was CRAZY!!!! It was only supposed to take about 45 min one way to get the packet…and due to random GPS issues, a few accidents and just plain traffic, I spent 4 hours in the car!!! Blah, not the way I wanted to spend the little free time I had on Saturday.
I made it to pick-up about 30 min before they closed.  I am thankful I made it!
When the lady there handed me my shirt, she took one look at my and told me she didn’t think it would be long enough.  Sure enough, I held up the shirt and it was like a crop top!  She was kind enough to give me one of the shirts designed for the men!  Sheesh, I have this problem so often with ladies tech tees!!  (When I got home I actually measured my torso, and found out that it is 27″ long!!! Normal length for my height is 19-20″! Ha, I do have an extra long torso!)

After I finally made it home I got all my race gear ready, had some dinner and went to bed.

4:45am came too fast, but I was up and ready to go.  I headed down to the race, and thankfully there was no traffic this time.  I followed the directions to the parking location that were given on the information paperwork, but the road they said to take was already blocked off!!! I am glad I knew a little of where I was going so I was able to drive around and get to the correct parking place!  It was still dark when I got out of my car.  The nerves began to really set in.  Am I ready for this?  I feel very amateur compared to those around me.  Am I going to be the only slower runner? Boo, I hate this feeling!
I headed over to check in.  I got my timing chip and then I was body-marked!  That was a kind of surreal moment.  Like this was really official!  The last duathlon I did was not as official.  This race was USTA certified, so they had rules and they stuck with them!  I am really glad they did.  It made the race more fair for everyone!
I racked my bike then wondered around a little.  One of the massage tents was up and my upper back was so sore that I went over for a pre-race massage.  The dr who worked on me said I was so tight and had tons of knots.  I guess it is time for a long massage soon! I have not had a real one since my last half in March!  I felt so much better after just a few minutes of a massage.
It was still an hour till race time so I kept walking around and trying to psych myself up.  I saw so many jerseys from iron-man and other big competitions!!! Yikes!
It was finally close to race time. I took some Energybits then I headed over to the start line with the rest of the competitors.  I had a time in my head that I really wanted to beat.  For this race distance and my limited training, I really wanted to get under 100 minutes.  I really wanted to make it in 90 min, but I knew that would be really pushing it.  I said a little prayer at the start line and we were off.
The first 2 mile run was rough.  I could not seem to get into any groove or catch my breath.  I am SO glad it was 2 miles.  I don’t think I could have gone any further.  Time – 27:21.6
I finally warmed up so I changed out of my jacket into my tank with my race number.  I put on my helmet and gloves then got my bike to the bike start line.  I was right behind 2 other ladies, and it took a few min to get myself in the groove.
The bike course was 2 – 5 mile loops.  As I started on the first loop it was a bit congested with those starting on their second lap!  Bikes were speeding past and I was stuck.  Eventually the path opened up a bit and I was able to dig into my groove.  My goal was to get 10 miles in under 40 min!  I ended up riding in 38:50.9!!
I passed a pair of friends on the bike course, and they were cheering me on.  It was so sweet.
As I headed into the second run I was feeling a bit worn down.  Most of the course had cleared out, so it made for a less stressful transition.  I got into a bit of a walk/jog groove and kept trekking along.  I had to keep reminding myself it was 2 miles, and I could do this! 🙂
The pair of friends that I passed on the bike caught up to me on the run and asked if they cold join me and finish together.  It was perfect timing as I was starting to lose my steam.
We chatted along the way while running and walking then finished the race all together.  It was a great way to end the race!  Second run time – 28:10.5.  My total time- 1:37:48.7!!! I made my time goal!  Even though there were a few rough spots, I am happy with my time, and more importantly, that I finished!

Overall it was a great experience!  I need to work on my transition times and speed overall.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to run and bike like this.

Have you ever done a dualthlon or triathlon?  What did you find was the most challenging?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

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