Daily Archives: October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday

This week I have been remembering my life 6 years ago, and before and after.
Before, I was living in a bit of a personal hell and struggling every single minute with depression, eating disorders, and even no longer wanting to live.
Fast forward to March 2008 and I entered Mercy Ministries!  I spent 7 months dealing with the junk and hurt from my past.   When I graduated in October 2008 I was a different person!  I was no longer angry, hateful and in deep pain.  I never knew what real joy and freedom meant till I really dug deep and worked through all the junk!! (That is a very simplistic explanation of what I did at Mercy, if you have any questions, please ask!!!)
These pictures are just a SMALL sample of the memories that remind me of the hard work I did to get my life back!
Postmercy247242_505336999635_7028_npostmercy1930826_507368034425_9434_npostmercy1930826_507367954585_4489_n   Postmercy252552_505337478675_9938_npostmercy1930826_507368473545_4197_npostmercy1930826_507368004485_7565_n postmercy1930826_507368393705_9303_n     postmercy252972_505337289055_1499_n  postmercy252972_505337304025_3324_n postmercy1930826_507358663205_4395_n postmercy1930826_507358782965_1113_n postmercy1930826_507359182165_3946_n postmercy1930826_507359237055_6740_n postmercy1930826_507359097335_9925_n postmercy1930826_507366507485_2797_n postmercy1930826_507366512475_3016_n postmercy1930826_507366637225_9125_n postmercy1930826_507366692115_2078_n postmercy1930826_507366747005_5182_n postmercy1930826_507366751995_5471_n postmercy1930826_507366976545_8335_n postmercy1930826_507367031435_1068_npostmercy1930826_507367171155_8799_n postmercy1930826_507368483525_4820_n