Five Things Friday: Five Favorite Fuels

Welcome to another Five Things Friday!  Today we are chatting about Five Favorite Fuels (for running or other fitness activities)!
There are many things that I used to fuel myself these days for my workouts, training and races!

1. My number one fuel source are EnergyBits!!!  They are an amazing source of natural energy!  They help me with workouts, and when I struggle with sleep issues, they give me energy each day to get through my workday and still have strong workouts!
If you ever want to try them, check out & use code RUNCHOCOLATE for 25% off!! You can also contact me directly for smaller samples 🙂
2. Another natural food source that has helped with my training are chia seeds and chia bars from Health Warrior!!
3. Real food!  Smoothies, fruits/veggies, salads. These are a part of my daily intake, and I know they fuel me to have the best workouts possible!
IMG_0885 IMG_0839IMG_1269
4. Naturebox snacks!  I love that they have SO many options, and can fit most food needs (vegan, Non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, etc).  If you have never used Naturebox and would like to try them with $10 off your first box, leave me your email in the comments, and I will get you set up 🙂
IMG_0120 IMG_1500
5. This is more of a recovery drink, but tart cherry juice has been helping me SO much with soreness and inflammation after hard workouts and runs!!

What do you use to fuel your workouts?
Fill me in 🙂

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

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