Ten for Texas race recap Race 23 of 33 for 2014

Well, if you saw my race schedule, you know that the last few weeks have been busy for me with training and racing!  The last few weekends the races have been pretty good, and I have been plodding along.  Last week when I realized my FIRST ever 10 mile race was coming up I did a little FREAK OUT!  I don’t know what the deal is, but I have had this fear of racing 10 miles (which seems a little nutty since I have done half marathons).  I attempted a 10 miler back in April with the Cherry Blossom race, but lack or training took me back to the 5k. I had not run more than 5 miles since April, so this seemed a little nerve racking.
Last week I did a few short runs, and then on Wed I pulled out a 7 miler.  It was super slow pace because the middle 4 miles I ended up meeting a friend and we walked a bit.  I knew deep down it was in me, but would it come out on race day?? I was a little nervous.

Early Saturday morning I was up after only a few hours of sleep.
It started out as a bit of a muggy morning, but the sunrise was beautiful! 🙂
I found a place to park and headed to the bathroom before I went to the start line.
I managed to find my friend Shauna in the large crowd!
IMG_1898 IMG_1897
And we were off!
The first 3 miles were humid but I managed to keep a decent walk/run pace.  Right around mile 4 the air cooled down and a light misty rain started!  It felt really amazing!
Around mile 5 I started to feel a uncomfortable feeling on 4th toe on my right foot.  I was really hoping it was not a blister starting to form, but sadly it was.  I stopped a few times to try and rearrange my sock to help it.  After a few times I realized that nothing was going to fix it, and I needed to suck it up and just run.  About mile 5.75 the course did a turn around and I headed back basically the same way I just came!
Mile 6 and 7 went ok but I started to get a bit dehydrated.  The sun started to come out again and it started to get a bit hot.  I chatted with a few other women along the way and we kept encouraging each other! There were also really amazing supporters along the course!!
When I hit mile 8 I figured I realized that it would be close, but I *MIGHT* be able to beat the goal I set for myself.  At mile 9 I knew it would be SOOO close!  I was really starting to feel tight in my legs, my fingers were swollen, and my shirt was soaked in sweat/rain.
As I closed into the finish line I got a little more excited.  My friend Shauna and her family were there cheering me on.  I saw the finish line and I went for it and finished strong!!!
And I made it 16 seconds under my goal!!! Add on that this was my first 10 mile race meant an automatic PR! 🙂 YAY!
IMG_1901 IMG_1904
I finally got another medal.  (My last few races I did not get any).
The post race food was pretty good.  I had my first doughnut in AGES and it was darn good!

It felt really good to have this race under my belt.
It also felt good to have a weekend off of racing!  I spent the last few days at the NEDA conference, and I will be posting about that soon! So much great information that I am still trying to process!

I hope everyone is well!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

2 thoughts on “Ten for Texas race recap Race 23 of 33 for 2014

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      I love that you love chocolate and running 🙂
      Yeah, blisters are no fun…and the second time with these shoes…boo..need different shoes soon for sure!
      Thank you, I am still so thrilled 🙂


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