Life in Pictures

I am once again linking up with Linda over at for a “Life in Pictures” post!


So here are a few pics from the last few weeks!  Don’t forget to check out the link-up and see all the other great pics!

Gorgeous weather and sunrises/sets lately
IMG_2254  IMG_2219IMG_2240IMG_2322

I had a great time in San Antonio at the NEDA conf (post coming soon!)!!

IMG_2142IMG_2129  IMG_2204IMG_2214

Pretty yummy food 🙂

IMG_1972IMG_2127IMG_2274 IMG_2258IMG_1992IMG_2103IMG_1962(This is my new obsession!)

Lots of fun at some new parks has led to many great nap times!

IMG_2106IMG_2343    IMG_2246     IMG_2245 IMG_2341     IMG_2014

Over the last 24 hours my family lost a very special person, my cousin’s husband, and all prayers are greatly appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Life in Pictures

  1. Linda @ The Fitty

    Looks like a happy week as the temperature starts to cool a little bit.(I do things in Celsius, so excuse my miscalculation if I am wrong). and it looks like you might’ve babysat your cousins. They ate some ice cream and then went to sleep soon after? 🙂

    1. Linda @ The Fitty

      I love your linkup. Thank you so much for coming to the party, you are a lot of fun. Hope to see you again on the 7th of November and feel free to bring some friends, since partying is always fun with big groups. #LIPlinkup

    2. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      We have gotten cooler temps, although it is still pretty warm compared to the rest of the country (and Canada). Today it is 26*C here and 4*C where I used to live in Chicago.
      The kiddos are actually the twins that I nanny for, but they are like family to me!

  2. Carina (@carinaaroo)

    Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets indeed! And so sorry to hear about your cousin’s husband, my thoughts are with her and your entire family – losing a family member is never an easy process to go through.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  3. Farrah

    WHATWHAT. They have peppermint bark now!? I’ve been hooked on the caramel cookie crunch, but I’m gonna need to try that one out! *-*

    I’m so sorry for your loss! :[ Will be keeping you and your family/extended family in my thoughts ad prayers! ❤

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Yes, they do have peppermint bark! Although I only found it once, and now I can not seem to find it again!!! BOO!!

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! They are much appreciated! ❤

      1. Farrah

        Adding it to my grocery list for tomorrow! *-* Maybe they’ll roll out with more of it when it’s closer to Christmas! *-*

        Hope everything turns out okay! ❤

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