Behind…on everything…

If you were to walk into my office right now it would look pretty neat and clean and all put together…but let’s face the reality of my life lately…It has been 100% nutty!  Most of it I have been enjoying and embracing!  I have had the chance to be with special friends on their wedding days, have been able to spend time with sweet friends, and hang out with some of my favorite kids!  The only downside is all that has taken time.  I am not saying I am not glad I did any of it, but the rest of my life has slightly taken to the back burner.  Even though I have races coming up, I have not really been training well.  I have not been sleeping that great so I wake up exhausted.  I make it through each day, but really just looking forward to bed time.
I am hoping that I get a little time this week to refocus and get back on track.

Very thankful for this community and how I am free to be myself!

I have about 10 draft posts in the works, and they will come!  But for tonight, I am saying GOODNIGHT social media, and going to bed!

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