WoodsEdge Trail Race Recap! Race 25 of 2014!

Happy November!  Fall weather has finally decided to grace Houston with its presence! It was a chilly 45* on Saturday morning!!!  Since I have lived in the south for almost 7 years, I have grown more and more used to the warmer summers and the not so cold winters!  And I LOVE it!
Anyways, I arrived at the race at 9:15.  The packet pickup time was supposed to end at 9:30, and the race to start at 10.  Well, packet pickup time just kept on going, and we did not end up racing till 10:30!!!
It was so chilly that I sat in my car for a while, then went to use the restroom inside the church it was all held at!  Then I took my energybits and got ready to race!
IMG_2647 IMG_2646
Right before the race started I ran into my friend Ling!
I was not sure how this race would go because I was getting over a cold, and needed a bit more sleep!
The race began on the driveway of the church, then went into the woods.  It was a pretty good path for a trail race.  Most of the race was really low key with a few mini obstacles with roots, stickers and a few hills.  I felt really good running, and the weather was perfect for running!!
The path wound around the woods and I felt like we were running in circles at some points!
Being in the woods threw off my GPS, and it was saying all sorts of crazy things to me while we ran! But in the end, I pulled off a PR!
If this is accurate for TIME, not distance, I will be thrilled!!!  If not, that’s ok too 🙂

After the race I ran into another friend of mine from the gym!!!
There was a lady offering post-race massages, and I went and got one! It was fabulous!!!!

I am only 8 races away from my #33for33 this year!  I am SO excited and I can not wait to cross each finish line!!  Thank you AGAIN Lauren for inspiring me to run so many races in 1 year!!

Did you race this weekend?
Do you have any goals you are still striving to finish in 2014?

Have a healthy day!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

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