Well, honestly, it has been a tough few weeks…lots going on.  Sorry I have slipped away from blogging for a few days….Getting back at it tonight and will post more tomorrow!!

In the meantime, a little fitness update!
I just finished day 13 of a #runstreak!  I don’t think I have ever run that many days in a row, EVER! Lol…My goal to run 100 miles this month is really looking good!  I am already at 51 miles, and the month is not even half over yet 🙂
And I feel I am running smarter too.  Different types of runs, more sprints, and just consistant running has increased my overall pace.
Mixing in body pump, piyo, and lots of foam rolling, and it seems like a winner of a combination!

Despite all the junk going on, a few treats arrived in the mail today!
Recent winnings from the #sweatpink twitter chat party last week!

I got a free shirt from the NEDA conference that I attended last month (and I still need to post an update about that…)
The medal from my latest race! Virtual 10k that I ran on Sunday!
Only 6 more races this year to make 33! I am excited that I am actually going to make it to my goal!

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!!!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

2 thoughts on “Blogging…

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you! Just been a pretty emotional time. Reflected a lot on the last year, especially the scare with my husbands health…
      My cousin’s husband passed away suddenly a few weeks ago at age 40, so it has been hard to see her go through that.
      Thanks for the sweet comment! ❤


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