A year ago…And why I am even more thankful this year!

Last November was one of the hardest months of my life!  I have been through challenging times, like most people have, but this one took me to a whole new place.
I am sitting here overwhelmed and in tears of how we made it through last year…
On Nov 6, 2013 the Hubs went in for some tests.  I really had NO idea what the results would be nor was I prepared to hear them.  When the doctor came and told me he needed immediate heart surgery I was shocked! Floods of different emotions crashed over me again and again.
After working some things out with the insurance company and some follow up tests, the surgery was scheduled for the following week.
{From Facebook- Nov 12, 2013- Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to explain the past week….at first it was from news about Wayne’s need for surgery. It has shifted to being totally overwhelmed by God’s grace, everyone who is praying, who sent cards and all the phone calls and text messages. And tomorrow several friends and family are traveling to be with us.
I can not say thank you enough!!!!}

Nov 13 was the longest day of my life to date.  We headed to the hospital early in the morning.  The surgery was scheduled for noonish and the recovery rate was 5-7 days in the hospital, and then of course more recovery at home.  As we waited for him to get prepped for surgery we had many visitors.  I am forever grateful to the family that was able to come (the Hubs’ sister, and some cousins, plus a few of his frat brothers and my dear friend). They drove from other parts of Houston, Austin and Dallas!! I know they made sacrifices to be with us (me mostly) that day and I am so thankful!

The day ended up being a lot of waiting.  The surgery was pushed back a little while due to other surgeries going on.  I tried to stay distracted and chatted with the family and friends there.  In the waiting area there was a phone that would ring.  It was how the doctors and nurses communicated with those waiting.  Every time that phone rang my heart jumped.
I somehow managed to miss being in the waiting room when the calls came in for him.  I was in the restroom 2 times and out to lunch another time.

{Wayne is still in surgery. They were running behind with the schedule today so his procedure started late. So far we have heard that everything is going well!
Thank you all for your prayers!!!}

At the end of the day the surgeon finally came out and said everything went really well!  He said looked really good to them, but would probably look really scary to me.  After a bit I was finally able to go see him in ICU!  I will forever remember the smell of that floor in the hospital!
I went to his room and he was all hooked up to so many machines!  He looked really helpless and unsettled.  He kept trying to pull out some of the tubes and they had to secure his hands down.  The first nurse I was with did not seem very happy and it was tough seeing him treat my husband like that.

I called and talked to my pastor’s wife.  She was very encouraging and told me that he was not going to remember any of this.  She suggested I do what I could to get some good sleep.
I headed home after seeing there was nothing more I could do.  I wanted to stay, but I was of no use to anyone if I did not get some sleep!

A sweet sweet friend offered to come over and stay with me for a while.  She arrived a few min after I got home.  I opened the door to let her in and just started bawling!  It was what I needed.  Some food and a good hug!!

{Nov 14 am-I spoke with Wayne this morning. He is feeling much better already!!! Thank you again to everyone who has been praying, sending sweet cards and messages and for just being there for us!!! We are so blessed!!!

Less than 24 hours after open heart surgery and Wayne is up and walking around!! Every medical person who has stopped by today says he looks REALLY good!!
We are thankful and blessed!}

Over the following 2 weeks my life was pretty nutty.  Would go to work, then head to the hospital which was an hour away.   I would stay for a few hours and talk with the Hubs or help him with things, and then go back home.  A few times I stayed overnight, but I did not get any sleep those nights.  So many noises and people coming and going.
After a few days in ICU he headed up to the recovery floor!  It was much quieter up there, but not all the nurses seemed to be very attentive.
On Nov 19 I got a call from a nurse saying he had to be taken back to ICU because he could not breathe.  She made it seem like not a big deal when we were on the phone.  I left work early and headed to the hospital!  Turns out he has some tummy issues going on that had caused fluid to build up in his stomach and it pressed against his lungs!  That was a scary 24 hours!  They were draining so much and it did not seem to help very much.  There was talk of another surgery and I was NOT happy about that.

{Nov 20, 2013- Wayne is still in ICU. The drained 9 liters of fluid and he’s feeling better and responding better as well. Still no updates on the tummy issues yet. Praying and believing they have resolved themselves and he won’t need any further surgeries.
Thank you all for praying!!!}
{Nov 21, 2013- Very thankful that Wayne’s tummy issues are being resolved!! He is able to eat and drink again and there is no need for any further surgery!!!!!!
Now we both just need SLEEP!!!}

{Nov 22, 2013- Wayne is continuing to improve! We are so thankful!!
Keep it up baby! I am ready to bust you out of this joint!}

{Nov 24, 2013- Thank you Jesus, Wayne is finally out of ICU!!! Hopefully home soon!}

{Nov 27, 2013 pm- Thrilled and thankful to be picking Wayne up from the hospital!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has been praying these past 3 weeks!!}
I was so thankful to get Wayne the eve before Thanksgiving day!  It was challenging, but we made it!!!

{Dec 14, 2013- Yesterday was 1 month since Wayne‘s surgery. It has been a very challenging month for both of us. As I pondered all the wonderful people who have been such a support to us through this all I am overwhelmed. My tears today are from a thankful heart overflowing with all the blessings and the beautiful expressions of love that have been poured out on us!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!}

I honestly can say that we DID make it through that month and this past year by God’s grace, and the love, care, and support of SO many friends and family members.   I can not say THANK YOU enough.  Prayers, cards, meals, errands, house cleaning, groceries, gift cards, flowers, hugs.  Just a few ways we were blessed last year!  I know I speak for Wayne and myself just a HUGE thank you!!!
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