Five Things Friday: 5 cold weather running tips

Brrr, baby, it’s cold outside!  It is even cold in Houston today!  I woke up to 32 (but feels like 26) degrees!
I know that might not seem THAT cold to some, but considering last year at this time it was in the 80s, and even last week it was in the 80s, it is CHILLY!
Today I am linking up with Courtney (Eat, Pray, Run DC), Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for

1. Layer up– When I lived up north this was my go-to.  I followed these rules from Runner’s World when I had to run in the cold up north!

30 degrees: 2 tops, 1 bottom. Long-sleeve base layer and a vest keep your core warm. Tights (or shorts, for polar bears).
10 to 20 degrees: 2 tops, 2 bottoms. A jacket over your base layer, and wind pants over the tights.
0 to 10 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms. Two tops (fleece for the cold-prone) and a jacket. Windbrief for the fellas.
Minus 10 to 0 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, extra pair of mittens, 1 scarf wrapped around mouth or a balaclava.
Minus 20 degrees: 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 extra pairs of mittens, 1 balaclava, sunglasses.

2. Wear socks that keep out the elements–  Here are some good options!
3. Invest in running tights–  Here are some options that Google found for me.  Haha
If you have any that you love, let me know!!
4. Running Buddy – Have someone to keep you company and to motivate you to get out there even if it is a little chilly!
5. Run Inside– And when it is really just too cold outside, run inside!  Ha, it might just be for me, but when it is too cold my lungs just can’t hack it.  I really don’t know how I used to run in the Chicago cold for so long!! Or travel to a place where it is warm!  That is my favorite way to avoid running in the cold!   🙂

Stay warm my friends!

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

10 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 5 cold weather running tips

  1. alsoranagain

    I am totally with you on the running-buddy thing! That was one of my tips, too. I find it hard to motivate myself to run outside when it’s really cold, so having a running partner keeps me accountable.

  2. jeszaflik

    Running buddy is a great idea. gets you out the door and helps pass the time. You can’t downplay the importance of great socks either.


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