Race #30 Turkey Trot

Last Thursday I woke up early and was not feeling great!  I felt ok enough to still run my race though.  I met up with 2 of my friends for the lovely 5 mile race.  It was pretty chilly to start, so we stayed in the car as long as possible.
After a potty break we headed to the start line!  There were a TON of people around so getting to the start line was a bit nutty.
The race started and we were off.  It was a little rough going.  The chilly air along with not feeling great or being able to breath that well.  I knew I have been training my butt off, so I knew my legs could deal with the 5 miles, but it would be a struggle.
Mile 1 I plodded along.  Then started up a hill! And then down a hill!  Then on the feeder road of the highway and next through a neighborhood.  We looped around and went back up and down the hill.  At that point I was really feeling it in my lungs, but knew I was close.
My friends I ran with are super fast runners, so they waited for me near the finish line.  We ran together and I finished strong!
IMG_3693 IMG_3694Def slower than my last 5 mile race, but I finished!

I went home and slept for a few hours before joining my running friends and the rest of their family for Thanksgiving dinner!

Did you run a turkey trot?  How was the rest of your Thanksgiving?

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