Gratitude 101….

The last few weeks I have been thinking a LOT about the things I am grateful for.  I participated in several #gratitude challenges on Instagram, posted some things on Facebook, talked with my husband about things, and even wrote some things down I was going to write about during Thanksgiving week.  Thanksgiving week ended up being much busier than planned, and add in a case of a cold and I did not get much blogging done!
Well today in the #elf4health challenge, the goal is to share 20 things we are grateful for!  So here goes!

1. Salvation/faith
2. Husband (and ESPECIALLY that he is NOT in the hospital this holiday season!)
3. Family
4. Job and all the families that trust me to care for their kiddos and pets
5. Long lasting friendships
6. Ability to run
7. Car to drive in good condition and provision to have gas in it
8. Gym buddies
9. Ability to travel
10. New friendships formed thanks to social media
11. My chiropractor
12. Sunshine
13. Music
14. Strength
15. Grace
16. Water- fresh and hot and cold
17. Always healthy food available
18. The hope of heaven
19. A home that keeps us safe
20. A warm and comfy bed

There are SO many other things that I am grateful for.  Through the ups and downs of life I have learned that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

What are you grateful for?


1 thought on “Gratitude 101….

  1. Christine

    Great list! I’m mostly grateful for a healthy family. Oftentimes I get caught up on little things, but at the end all that matters is we love each other and we are happy and healthy.


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