Race Review # 31 and a Louva Gear review

Oh my, it certainly is the most busy time of year!  Last week I had intended to get so many posts finished and up, and then life happened.  10+ hour work days, sickness, several meetings/parties, keeping up with my half marathon training, normal household items.  Adding all that together did not give me much time to do much else other than sleep.
I did to do an update from my latest race!

On Dec 7th I ran my second 10 miler of the year!  Well I guess run would be more like a jog/hobble.
The day started well. I met my running buddy Lauran and we drove up to the race together.  It was a gloomy morning but not to bad with the temperature!  We got to the race with some time to spare, so we just chilled in the car.  The temps were starting to drop a bit and we did not want to hang out in the colder air till necessary.
It was finally about time for the race.  We hustled for one last potty break and then hit the starting line.
I was sporting my new Louva Gear (more below) and  I was so glad I was wearing them with the weather not making up its mind!
The race itself was a 5 mile loop that we ran twice.  The first 5 miles were alright.  My first 2 miles of anything are pretty much my warm-up and where I get in my groove.  By mile 3 I was feeling pretty good and was in a good 4:1 run/walk interval.  The course was pretty much all hills.  Rolling hills, but still hills.  It was not flat like it said in the description.  That was a little frustrating.   I was in the same group of people for a while and then started to leave them a bit behind after mile 3.  There was one guy in front of me who I wanted to get to but pretty much just kept chasing him the entire race.
Around mile 5 I noticed that my biceps were a little sore. They were chafing. BOO!  It was super damp and humid out so my shirt was more wet than usual from sweat and the mist I was running in on and off.  I knew there was a med station at mile 7 ( ya know, since I saw it at mile 2), and I was hoping they would have some Vaseline.  When I got to mile 7 my legs were really hurting from the hills.  I stopped at the med tent and they were not there!  They have gone into their cars because they had gotten too cold.  They rolled down the window a crack to see what I need.  I asked for some Vaseline and they told me they did not have any. ???? I was shocked.  And annoyed.  Now my arms were going to be even worse!  This was the FIRST time I have done a long race and have not seen Vaseline (or something like it) for runners!! Major bummer.
By mile 8 I was hobbling.  The hills were NOT my friend.  I texted Lauran thinking she would be finished! She was, but not the way I expected.  She hurt her ankle at mile 3 and ended running at mile 5 when she passed the looping point.  I felt SO bad 😦  She has worked her tush off this fall running and getting ready for her first marathon (In Jan)!
We ended up texting for a few min and I told her where I was and that I was in pain.  She ended up coming out onto the course to find me and she ran in with me from the mile 9 sign.  The last ‘mile’ was super short cause the signs were not in the right place!  We ran towards the finish line and she left me to go finish!  I was 15 min off my goal for this race, but I am just thankful I finished!  My Louva sleeves kept my arms warm for the race!  I don’t know what I would have done without them!!
Even though it wasn’t pretty, I am thankful to have race 31 in the books!!
So a few weeks ago I connected with Louva Gear on twitter! They were kind enough to send me a free pair of sleeves!  They came at just the right time for this race.
I am always a little nervous about sleeves since my upper arms are pretty bulky.  Several other sleeve brands I have tired did not make the cut.  The one pair I have other than these I can only wear on my forearms.
Anyways, these sleeves are super comfy, and I LOVE the thumb hole!  They kept my hands warm yet I was sill able to do things with my fingers!  IMG_4665
One neat thing about the Louva sleeves is that you can WRITE on them!  I am going to get some things written on them for my half this weekend!  I can’t wait 🙂  How cool is that!
If you are in the market for some new sleeves that are great quality, yet inexpensive (only $12 a pair), then head over to LouvaGear.com and get some!!

Hope your week is going well!


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