Life in Pictures # 6

It is time again for another Life In Pictures Link-up!
What is life in pictures you ask?  It is a collection of photos from life over the past week or so, or even just one day.  Post the pictures with little to no words and let others guess what is going on!


Feel free to add your pics to the link up!

  • Add the blog button to post each time you join the link up! Optionally, you can also add the blog button to your sidebar to feature your own collection of LIP posts.
  • MINGLE WITH OTHERS, don’t just add your link and leave. Spread the love! Comment on at least 2 other people’s linkups and follow the cohosts on on social media.
  • #LIPlinkup : When commenting, tweeting, facebooking, pinning,  instagramming, etc, let them know where you’re coming from by using the hash tag. For example, “Hey Ashley! Amazing workout #LIPlinkup” or “I just added my post to the #LIPlinkup, check it out here: POSTHERE.COM”
  • Always include a brief description of what the blog button is about before bomboarding your readers with pictures right off the bat; that will leave them blinking and speechless because they have no idea what in the world you’re posting!



4 thoughts on “Life in Pictures # 6

  1. Linda @ The Fitty

    I love your decorations around the house. That snowman/door in particular was very clever, and OF COURSE I WANNA PUMP SOME IRON ARE YOU CRAZY

    Hope to see you again on the 2nd of January and feel free to bring some friends!


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