Fit Fab Fuel Swap 2014!

(Please excuse the delay of this post…I have been battling through a series of migraines the past 10 days which has made it difficult to spend much time on the computer)

Several weeks ago I saw on Instagram a really cool Christmas ornament swap! Ornaments + fuel + getting to virtually meet some new people = AMAZING in my book!

I was so excited to sign up for the #FitFabFuelSwap that was put together by Running with SD Mom and the Naturally Fit Sisters.

See the link up of the posts here!!

I was honored to be paired up with Lauren of Breathe Deeply and Smile!  I have seen her posts here and there around social media, and the Elf 4 Health challenge, so it was really fun to get to know her more!

Lauren is a fellow runner, and a speedy one too!  I was very impressed by the races she has run, and all her times!  Go Lauren! Along with running we have a lot more in common.  We both like to travel, cook, eat healthy foods, watch movies, and enjoy chocolate!
From our email conversations I can tell that Lauren is a really great girl and a fun friend to have!  She could also teach me a few things about cooking and cocktails 🙂

We pretty much use almost all the same types of fuels! It was nice to be paired with someone who has similar taste and appreciates how fuel sources with real ingredients help the body!

One thing Lauren talked about in terms of fuel was Nuun energy!  She is an ambassador for them, and I was hoping she might send me some since I have never tried them before! (See below to find out!)

I was SO excited when my package arrived!
Who would not like this card?!?  So cute and the only snow I will see this winter 🙂
She went above and beyond in the actual package!  It was filled with so many goodies, and the ornament made me tear up a little!
The PERFECT package! All the kids of fuel I love (Kind bar, Cliff bar, Chia bar, GU, some Nuun(!!!), and of course chocolate!
She sent an adorable water bottle that I love!

And this ornament!  I saw a few other runners post pictures over the past few weeks and I thought they were SO adorable, but did not really look around for one.  When I saw she sent me one I was thrilled!
And adding it to my tree was so much fun 🙂

Thank you Lauren again for the amazing package and for adding some amazing fuel and running cheer to this holiday season!

Did you get any fun ornaments this Christmas?  What is your favorite kind of fitness fuel?



6 thoughts on “Fit Fab Fuel Swap 2014!

  1. Farrah

    I hope your migraines have shown themselves out and that you’re feeling better! :[

    That card, ornament and water bottle are all absolutely adorable! :] I hope you have a super awesome new year!


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