Weekend adventures ;)

Good morning loves!  How is it already Monday?  This weekend FLEW by!  Probably because I was so busy for most of it.  I have slowly been working on making changes in our home, and this weekend I painted our side tables along with a bunch of other small projects.  If you did not see this post, you might have missed what I did last weekend.  Amazing what some paint and new hardware can do!!

In between the errands, cleaning, laundry, seeing friends, church, and some work I managed to get our side tables all painted.
IMG_5719 IMG_5722
I also picked up a new lampshade from World Market!  It was on sale AND I had a $10 coupon, so $2.70 later I had a whole new look!
IMG_5717So the finished product is looking a bit like this!

Painting supplies – $25
New bedding – $17
New lamp shade – $2.70
Total– $44.70

Not too shabby considering the new furniture I want (and will maybe get some day) retails for $1700!

I also used a Christmas gift card yesterday and got a 90 min hot stone massage!  It was pure bliss!  It is hard to explain the feeling, but something like warm butter all over my back and deep tissue trigger points being hit was dreamy.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep and was drooling a bit…Haha.

How was YOUR weekend?  Hope everyone is staying warm.


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