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Avoid overeating by eating a MealEnder!

My partnership with Fit Approach gives me some really cool opportunities.  Recently I was invited to try Mealenders.  Mealenders appealed to me for many different reasons! They combine action from the body and the brain and can be an aid used to avoid overeating!
As a strong advocate of healthy eating and eating disorder recovery, mindful eating and listening to your body are things I try to practice in my everyday life!  Of course there are times when I have treats, but on most days, those are not something my body needs, even if I feel I am craving them.
Enter MealEnders!  I was stoked to receive each of the 4 flavors that MealEnders come in.
Chocolate mint, cinnamon, citrus, and mocha!  I love how there are flavors that would seem to appeal to most people.  Of course as Chocolate Runner Girl, the chocolate were my favorite, but I did enjoy the variety of flavors!
IMG_9478 IMG_9479

How they work!
MealEnders are a small lozenge that has 2 layers to it.  The outside layer honestly tastes like a dessert to me, and then the inside layer is a cool tingle layer that sends a signal to the brain that says meal time is over.  The inner layer is what they call the “Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer.” It activates the trigeminal nerve.  Well what is the trigeminal nerve you ask? Don’t worry, I asked myself the same question.  Thanks to this helpful information I now know!

“Trigeminal nerve: The fifth cranial nerve; responsible for sensation in the face and certain motor functions such as biting and chewing. It sends sensory information from the face and body to the brain for processing. Chemicals from foods stimulate the trigeminal nerve endings in the mouth. Together with taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami), and smell, the trigeminal nerve contributes to the overall flavor of foods. Trigeminal nerve endings in the oral cavity and tongue are stimulated by pungent foods such as chili pepper or peppermint resulting in the sensation of hot, cool or tingle.” (From MealEnders.com)


It takes about 20 min for the lozenge to dissolve in your mouth, which is the amount of time it takes for your mind to get a clue that you are full!  How brilliant is that?  🙂
It has been the perfect little ‘treat’ after meals to keep me in check about my food choices.

I really LOVE this visual that MealEnders has on their site!  Go check it out 🙂

One other thing that really appealed to me is that they are low in sugar, no added stimulants, gluten free and kosher!

And because MealEnders is so fabulous, you my lovely readers have the chance to win a prize package with all 4 flavors!  Enter the giveaway below!!  The giveaway will end on 3/27/15 at 11:59pm CST, so enter now!

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Best wishes to everyone 🙂

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MealEnders wants to put an end to overeating and believes the more people its 15-calorie signaling lozenges can help, the better!  So for two weeks, all “runners up” of the giveaway will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off.  Just enter coupon code WINNER-TOO at checkout. To place your order and learn more about the product, visit http://www.mealenders.com.

**Disclaimer** This post was sponsored by Fit Approach & MealEnders.  I received the product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own!