Blogging Challenge Accepted!

I accepted a blogging challenge to blog everyday for the month of June!  I have been very neglectful of my blog the past few months.  A lot of that was due to the sleep issues I was having.  The free time I would normally spend on my blog (and other amazing blogs) has been used for nap time!
This weekend was another few nights of rough sleep.  Partially due to the Hubs work schedule with working pretty late.  I don’t sleep well when he is not home.  My goal is to really get back on track and make myself try to sleep even when he is working late.
May was a SUPER busy month!  I don’t even know HOW it is already June. The excitement of the past month:
My baby nephew turned 1!
The twins and I planted a garden and it is growing really well!
Had a few sugar scrub orders to fill 🙂
Chopped 15 inches of hair! Donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (they donate the wigs to cancer patients)
Our old Zumba instructor came back to town so my workout group is back to dancing 🙂
We got a new dishwasher thanks to our awesome landlord!
IMG_1812 IMG_1811
Took care of some gorgeous pups!
IMG_1891 IMG_1892
Realized it has been 11 years since I graduated from college!!!!
Managed to slice my leg while driving!
Endured the massive rain and flooding in Houston (Still very sad about those who lost their lives)
IMG_2637 IMG_2632 IMG_2631 IMG_2769
Started off our anniversary month with 2(!!!) dates!

Yummy brunch
Kind of weird eating ‘Chicago’ pizza in Texas, but it was yummy 🙂

Hope to check in again tomorrow as I keep reminding myself to just

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