Daily Archives: June 3, 2015

Fitness Update

As National Running Day is coming to a close, I freely admit that I did not go running!  Not because I don’t like to run, or that I didn’t want to run, but because I am in a weird place with running right now.
Even though it has been well over 5 months since my hip injury/DNF half marathon, I am still somewhat questioning my ability to run.  Despite the fact I ran the marathon relay in March and crushed (waddled) 7.5 miles.
So I am turned my workouts to other things.  And it has been good!  My weeks have been full of piyo, zumba, body pump and other random cardio!  Lots of walking, and now swimming with the kiddos as well!
My typical week now looks a little like this
Monday- Piyo or fun workout with my workout buddies (WOB) {Really want to start adding some weights here}
Tuesday- 30 min cardio (usually walking) then Zumba
Wednesday- Body pump at one gym then Zumba at another location 😉
Thursday- Body pump if I miss Wed and a little cardio
Friday- Walk
Saturday- Grit/body pump. Walk at Farmer’s Market
Sunday- Volleyball
Every week I usually end up with a rest day, but I am enjoying the new activities I am doing.  I am especially enjoying the zumba classes!  One day if I am brave I might even share a video of me dancing….HAHAH 🙂

QOTD: What do you do when you need to change your fitness goals or activities?