Nap Time!

So yesterday I had intended to post more about our trip to Ethiopia…but then it was nap time for the twins and I was really exhausted from the weekend and spending the morning at the pool.  Just rest for 20 min, I though…90 min later I woke up!  I guess I needed that nap!
Anyways, it is the last week of ‘summer’ here.  School starts for most on Monday.  A few schools already began, but the public schools in my area begin on the 24th!  So we are enjoying the last few days of summer while we can!  We still have next week as the twins don’t start school till Sept, but the pools officially close this weekend, so it feels like the end of summer.  Haha.
In order to fulfill all of the hopes and dreams of the summer, we are hitting up a few pools this week that we managed to miss all summer! It makes for a crazy week, but it will be fun!!!

On top of a fun week with the kids, my birthday is coming on Friday and the Hubs started the week off right! I came home from work/the gym last night to freshly mopped floors and roses!


Love me some good tools!

I can tell I am finally getting my energy back as I did a TON of house projects over the weekend and again last night!

I am really happy that I finally got this hung up in our eat in kitchen area!

Well, kids are up again, so I will post more on Africa another day!!!


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