UP4 Probiotic Review

Hello all!  Get ready, there will be a few posts coming your way today!  First I want to share with you about an awesome product I have been using the past few weeks.

{Disclaimer:  I was given Up4 Probiotics in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.  All thoughts, opinions and humor are my own.  I am always thankful for any and all support I receive for Chocolate Runner Girl!}

Soon after I posted my Bulu Box Review last month I was contacted by UAS Life Sciences to try even more of their probiotics out!  I was all about that!  I love me some good probiotics!
Let me rewind.  Since my high school days I have struggled on and off with tummy issues.  I was never diagnosed with anything specific, so I did some experimenting on my own with different foods to try and find relief.  When I was in college it was finally discovered that I had some food allergies!  Knowing what I was allergic to was huge!  It took some time but I was able to reduce my stomach issues by staying away from the foods I was allergic to! I mean, no-brainer right?  Even with all the changes I was still having issues on and off.  It was a bit frustrating.  It is no secret that life with stress, traveling, not always stellar eating habits cause issues with our digestive systems. After a few years of trying even more products/cleanses/detoxes/etc, I stumbled upon probiotics.  They were a HUGE help with all my internal digestive issues!

What is a probiotic?  Great question.  It bacteria.  Not just any bacteria, but happy bacteria that helps to keep your insides happy! If you suffer or struggle with digestive issues then a probiotic just might be what you need to find some relief!
Over the past few years I used different brands here and there.  When I am consistent with them, I do see changes in my digestive system, but it always felt like something was still a little off!
When I was given the chance to try out UP4 I was excited! I had tried a small sample that was in my Bulu Box and just using them for a few days I could tell a huge difference in my tummy! Such a relief!
What is it that sets UP4 apart than other probiotics I have tried?

  • UAS Life Sciences has been making probiotics, and only probiotics since 1979! They are experts!
  • They come in a handy little cube that you can just gobble up!  I HATE swallowing pills, and pills usually make me nauseous, so these are so much better for me.  I don’t dread taking them!
  • The flavor is pretty mild!  Just don’t eat it right after brushing your teeth! (Not that I have any experience with that…haha)
  • UP4 brand doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge! (However, they do recommend storing them in temps that are less than 70* F).
  • They are very potent, so a small cube gets you what you need each day!
  • Sugar free, gluten free, low calorie, non-gmo, non-dairy and vegan.
  • Loaded with CFU- colony forming units! A container of yogurt has about 1 billion CFUs.  An adult cube has the recommended 3 billion CFUs!
  • A wide variety of formulas to meet every person’s needs (kids, adults, seniors, athletes, heart health, etc). You can see here for all the option

As you can see, you can’t really go wrong with taking UP4 Probiotics!!
And because y’all are so awesome, UAS Life Sciences has provided a way for you to receive a free sample!!!  Just click here!  Then you can be as cool as I am 😉
IMG_9911 IMG_9912

Let me know if you try it and what you think!!!


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