Workout Wed…errr…Thursday!

Hello friends!
Yesterday I was thinking about how my workouts went over the past week when I heard a thud followed by blood curdling screams!  One of my sweet nanny kiddos face planted and did some serious damage to a few teeth! It was def not the fun afternoon we planned, and this post did not get finished!  I am happy to report little miss is doing better today! My nerves are still on edge, but she will recover just fine!

So last week I had this schedule planned out:
Thursday- Body Pump + 2-3 mile walk/run
Friday- Probably a run depending on how long my tire replacement goes…If not a run, then elliptical for 45-60 min.
Saturday- Practice duathlon
Sunday- Speed drills on bike and running
Monday- Body Pump & 3 miles + 90 min beach volleyball
Tuesday- 10 miles on bike & Zumba
Wednesday- Body Pump + 3 miles running
Plus the Bosu Challenge each day!

What actually happened:
Thursday- 4 mile walk/run + body pump
Friday- I made it to half a piyo class after I was able to get my tires fixed!!
Saturday-Due to lack of sleep and poor weather, I took a rest day.
Sunday- Speed drills running.  It was still rainy so I didn’t get to try out my new aero bars on my bike.
IMG_9817 IMG_9821
Monday- Body Pump then 2.5 miles.  Volleyball was called off due to the rain.
Tuesday- Schedule changed and I ended up singing with my husband at church, so no workout.
Wednesday- Body pump and I tried out my new aero bars with a 5.5 outdoor bike ride and almost 2 miles on the inside bike
IMG_9904 IMG_9901
I pretty much gave up on the Bosu challenge.  It is an AWESOME challenge, but things have been a little crazy so it went to the back burner for this week.
I have my duathlon race this weekend so things will be a bit different after that.

Goals for this coming week:
Friday: 10 mile bike ride, 2 mile run and piyo
Saturday: Rest up for the race
Sunday: Duathlon- 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and 2 mile run (maybe a wog at this point)
Monday: Body pump & volleyball
Tuesday: 4 mile run & zumba
Wednesday: Body pump and 3-5 mile run

My main goal is really to do well at my race.  Mostly just finish and have fun!

What have your workouts been?  Have you been training for anything?  Fill me in!


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